Today’s Topic – The shutting of Public Toilets all over Scotland, lack of money or lack of foresight?

Over the last few weeks I have been travelling all over Scotland and noticed a few changes. I was ill a few years ago with a bowel problem that lead to 4 operations and a need to find toilets quickly! It opened my eyes to the lack of Public Conveniences that had been shut down. Thankfully my problem is sorted but I still have to be careful.

On arriving in the Island of Arran I was told by many folk of the battle they are having as North Ayrshire Council have shut various “Loos” all over the Island due to austerity. Now Arran is a big tourist destination and now that Lamlash has had their” loos shut “the locals are trying to take it over as a public toilet run by them it is so needed in such a busy tourist area.

2017 Lamalash Loos

Maybe Visit Scotland should say “Welcome to Scotland but there are no public toilets available.”

As we all get older we need these basics like Public Toilets even more what are the options go into the bushes? I find this is a terrible situation that we have accepted as normal in many locations and how terrible would you feel with an elderly relative with no “loos” available due to Council cuts. Mum no toilet just find a spot to go??????

2017 Lochranza Loos

At Lochranza in Arran the  locals have re – opened the public toilets near the Ferry, they clean it and fund it themselves and ask for donations. Is this the only way forward?  I feel for the locals that have to  clean the toilets on a daily basis is not an easy job. I know this as it was my daily task in Tibet cleaning the toilets on my Everest trip in 2001.

2001 Tibet – My daily nightmare sorting out the toilet on Everest for 3 months.

I am sure if some of the Executives who run these Councils on big wages took a pay cut or they looked at some of their expenses money could be found from somewhere? What is the Scottish Government policy on this they have a policy for nearly everything so why not the toilets maybe they could all agree on it. I want my Country to be place where all are welcome and a basic thing like toilets are available for all.

Yet some places are getting better I was in Glen Affric a few years ago and there was a new toilet run by the Forestry Commission and cleaned daily by a lovely lassie. It was a joy to use and the visitors were amazed. If  it can be done in a remote Glen by some visionary Forestry Commission why not in the towns and tourists areas.

Toilets in Glen Affric a basic amenity?


Thanks to the people Lochranza for the use of their loo I left a donation in the box and hopefully the people of Lamlash get their loo sorted out. To the Scottish Councils and Government open their eyes and sort out basics for your people?

Comments welcome.

Alaska Loo

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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6 Responses to Today’s Topic – The shutting of Public Toilets all over Scotland, lack of money or lack of foresight?

  1. ptsd17 says:

    I think it’s totally unacceptable, especially when the burden is put onto local businesses, many of whom have put up signs advising toilets are first customers use only. I feel the councils are also encouraging the transfer of these facilities in places across the community ownership, where the council can wipe their hands of all responsibility. All they need to do is advise communities the facilities are being boarded up and mothballed, and the community steps in to take them over. This is also happening with other community facilities like libraries, halls etc

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  2. Jackie Highland says:

    Closure of public toilets is a problem for tourists and residents in Highlands. For residents, journey to Inverness is fraught with many of public loos shut including, in winter, those at North Kessock. Many arrive with their legs crossed desperate to find toilet on parking. Have you tried driving 80 year old lady with bowel or bladder issues on 2+ hour journey to hospital or shopping and no toilets? For tourists, huge distances between toilets; consequently many people going behind bushes at lay-bys and other popular places, leaving tissues, wipes and unburied faeces. Ugghhh! And don’t get me started on so-called wild campters. Majority of campervans and motorhomes are good, and book into campsite every few days to use chemical waste disposal points. Others empty them in public toilets, often spilling some of contents and sometimes blocking them. Some just chuck by roadside, in ditch. Facilities are essential not a luxury that can be cut at whim of someone who lives in Inverness.

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  3. Richard Foster says:

    Well said Heavy. It’s the worst kind of indignity and embarrassment to be taken short when a Number 2 is required as I, like you, know to my cost. All power to your elbow to get those in authority to listen and put an end to this loo-dicrous situation 😉

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