Does anyone know the story of this cross in a gully on Maol Chean – Dearg near Achnashellach?

Cross on Maol Chean –  Dearg any ideas of the story? Photo S . Atkins collection

One of my pals a while ago asked if I new the story of this crossthey found in a gully on Maol Chean – Dearg near Achnashellach. This is one if the big Munros in this area.

Can anyone tell the story of this cross?

Scouse has come back with   “Summer 1989 or 90. It was metallic-ish and had ‘He is risen’ inscribed on the cross brace. Must have been some carry up!”

Callum White

“I don’t know its full history but it has been there since the late eighties/early nineties when I first came across it descending that same gully.”

Angus Jack

“I remember seeing it on the summit of Maol Cheann Dearg in the late 80’s, wondered where it had gone to. Don’t know the story behind it, a pilgrimage for someone obviously!”

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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8 Responses to Does anyone know the story of this cross in a gully on Maol Chean – Dearg near Achnashellach?

  1. Rab Russell says:

    Hi Heavy, fit like. I first scrambled up this gully in September 1989 in the company of Mike Reed (AATC at Buchan) and my big Bruv JR Russell. Mike was up in front, JR in the middle and me – tail end Charlie. When we got to the top of the gully, I casually mentioned to my companions about the partially buried cross in the boulder scree. I was surprised when my pals said they didn’t see it! I certainly didn’t imagine it and they took some convincing. If my memory serves me right, I got the impression it was made of aluminium metal on a wooden frame. About 1/3 of it was sticking out. Ten years later I scrambled up the same gully with my pal Dolly Deacon who was bagging his Munro’s. Sadly no sign of the cross – buried I guess. Finally, I am positive that many, many years ago I saw a black and white photograph of a Scottish mountain with a large cross in the summit. I wonder if this was Maol Chean Dearg? Anyway. That’s me lot. Big Red Baldy Hill – how ironic for the follicly challenged Russell Chuckle Bros!

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  2. Ray Clarke says:

    It used to be on the summit. Made of aluminium. I once carried it across the plateau to put it back on the summit cairn as it was lying some distance off. Is it not a Druid cross?

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  3. Ray Clarke says:

    old photos 3 013

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  4. Ray Clarke says:

    Ps. This was around the late 80s. Cheers.

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  5. Les Hamilton says:

    This cross stood in the summit cairn when I climbed the mountain in 1986.
    It has presumably been toppled by the elements.

    Les Hamilton

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