Thanks for all the comments on yesterdays blog – “Growing old ungracefully”

I was amazed at the amount of comments on the Blog and Facebook on my Blog yesterday about growing old, I wish I had known all the ideas that before I started to get older. Age just seems to catch up with you along with the weight and lack of exercise due to many reasons discussed in the Blog.

Many things came out of the comments from looking after yourself no matter how busy we are and nowadays we are a lot more aware of Health and fitness. I would like to have started earlier in life looking after myself but as pressures  increase in time due to work and family commitments its hard to do.  Anyway I got some great ideas and hopefully those coming after us will learn from our mistakes. Many mentioned Night shifts a killer in my mind with lots of problems with lack of sleep, diet and exercise especially later in life.

A big part was mental health and this is close to my heart and I say again I have seen a few pals struggle in this area after getting older and after medical problems or just coping with the body not being able to cope as well as we did when in out twenties. I appeal for us all to please take time and keep an eye on each other. The seemingly “big tough ones” are the most vulnerable be brave and speak to them do not ignore them.

Winter is on its way? Where am I?

One thing is I want to see my old pals again and not just at funerals. I am making a point of looking them up and even trying to heal old wounds from past fall outs life is too short?  Every day is a bonus and health is wealth, I wandered along the coast yesterday and was so glad to live here the sea and the sun were out between showers and the surf was up it was stunning watching the rollers come in. I went for a scramble on the wet sandstone at my local cliff Cummingston and got scared about 10 feet off the ground. The wild life was about and the seals performing in the harbour and the birds were about. So many were enjoying a wander along the coastal path great asset in any weather.

Today I am off to golf this morning always a laugh and a day on the hills on Friday, every day is a bonus. the nights are getting longer and many say this is a hard time of year.  I try to get out every day, the bike is ready for winter lights and tyres checked and the hill bag getting winter ready. You can still have fun in these short days, maybe I should join a gym?

I tried a few press  – ups this week, that was a shock. I have never been a big trainer always getting out was what I needed and rest was important after doing a physical job. Now for this Yoga class!

Anyway thanks for all the comments about the blog lots of discussions after it. I appreciate all your comments and cannot wait to get on the hills again anyone free.

It looks like the winter may be coming and we will see how things happen on the hills, as always it will be a wake – up call for me. I miss the hills so much its been about 2 weeks since I was out and enjoy getting sorted for Friday.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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