Out on the hills at last! Erosion at Cummingston Sea cliffs on the Moray Firth a sad state of Affairs!

I hope to be heading  out early to the Cairngorms the forecast looks reasonable its been a few weeks sInce I was out on the hills so I will see how it goes .

Today I had a wander along to my local crag and met two of the Dundonnell MRT who had come over to rock climb  to miss the weather on the Moray Firth. As I arrived at the cliffs it started to rain and they were sheltering in the cave having a coffee. It was good to catch up with them and we had a good chat.

It was still wet as I left but the sun was coming out and the boys would get some more climbing done. Today the cliff was empty it can be a busy place.  The path down to cliff is now very eroded the cliff is well used by groups from all over and I have tried to get something done about it but no one seems to care. It is a sad state of affairs. The recent heavy rain and the increased footfall are taking a toll, can anyone help?

The photo below shows The very heavy erosion at Cummingston Cliffs a very popular location on the Moray Firth .

Who cares?

On the way home I saw a bird of prey hovering a great sight and along with the sea birds and the amazing light over the sea. It is an amazing place to live.  Sadly there was a young Dolphin on the shore nature can like life be cruel at times. The Moray Coastal path is so popular with everyone and I meet many from all over enjoying it especially when the weather is poor in the mountains. Today I met a German lassie who had done the West Highland Way and had come over to walk the Moray Coastal Path she was loving it and we had a good chat.

Moray Firth light show.

I try to wander every night and it always worth it before the light goes. We soon enter the very short daylight hours but they can enhance the early morning and sunset it’s always worth a wander no matter however short. It is good for the mind at the end or the beginning of the day.

Anyway I better head off and see what the weather brings, hopefully I will get further than the weekend, the Dava Moor? I have put a bit more gear in my hill bag and the flask is in, torch checked, its that time of year.

Have you had a look at your hill bag and what is in it, worth a look.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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