The Kings House Hotel – Glencoe any views.

The Kings House Hotel in Glencoe is iconic and going through a huge upgrade there are a few thoughts from both sides about the refurbishment?  It is the local news and media and there are varied views on the refurbishment.

The a remote inn and hotel at the eastern end of Glen Coe at the junction with Glen Etive in the Scottish Highlands. It is sited in an isolated position, about 2 km to the east of the head of the glen towards Rannoch Moor, and faces towards Buachaille Etive Mor which is very popular with mountaineers and walkers. It is called the King’s House because British troops were billeted here following the Battle of Culloden in 1746.

The Kings House Hotel.

I have used the Kings House often we had many great nights here and even had the RAF Leuchars Reunions here for many years. It is a place near to my heart. We were allowed to camp next to it for many years it was a great place to be after a days climbing or after a call – out where we were well looked after. These were times when you needed to unwind especially after a sad incident and a brew, some soup and a beer and good hospitality were the things that made this place special. I was in it recently and it was very run down and now the plans have been on the news along with photos of what the owners plan to do. The bulldozers are in now on the site and despite plans to keep some of the original building, promise of more jobs and a great asset to the area for locals and visitors alike things are getting heated.


I wonder if anyone has any views on this. I understand things can never stay the same but we do need to keep part of one of Scotland’s most iconic buildings. In my mind the new build must fit the location which is so special but also be an improvement for all those who use it.

Susanna Thomson, of property managing agents Bidwells, said: “Whilst most of the public spaces will be significantly changed and improved to take in the spectacular surrounding scenery, we will be keeping much of the Climbers’ Bar intact.

“We know we have some very loyal customers, many of whom have good memories of times had in the Bar, and it’s important to retain that connection.”

She added: “We hope to have a new hostel open before the summer and this will remain in operation during the development period along with a temporary bar serving simple, good food and refreshments.”

The owner, Black Corries Estate, said it was “passionate about breathing new life” into the property, a landmark building in the area.

Plans involve a revamp of the older parts of the hotel while an extension built in the 1960s would be removed.

Black Corries Estate has also proposed opening a hostel on the site and adding a new wing to increase the hotel’s bedrooms from 45 to 80.

Kings House refurbishment planned.

Its never an easy compromise?


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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to The Kings House Hotel – Glencoe any views.

  1. Peter Kay says:

    Stayed in the bunkhouse in August this year, not the best experience. it was a up one day down the next on the bike, due to poor weather, the old building was locked and dilapidated and in need of some TLC. Iv’e stayed there a couple of times in the past, and enjoyed the experience, if the proposed upgrade is allowed an important part of Scotlands history would vanish. The old hotel should be incorporated into the new design, retaining at least some of its iconic status. The bulldozing of the past by short sighted officialdom in the name of progress is an all to familiar scenario across the UK, if you want to protect it you have to fight for it. Progress is fine and in most cases required, but it has to carried out with a degree sensitivity to local history, the landscape and most important of all local population and future generations.

    It is the last UK wilderness, protect it.

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