The Walk ” some prisons have no walls “- a story to make us all think how lucky we are?

This is a plug for a man I admire Mikey Kay and his love for his brother Spencer who is a severely autistic. This autism means he has had around-the-clock care since he was born. His mother literally looked after him until the day she died. Mikey in an interview on “Good Morning Britain” said “On the morning that his Mum died, she got up, she bathed him, she washed him, she washed his sheets then she went back to bed and she passed away,” Mikey told Susanna and Ben on Thursday’s Good Morning Britain.

I watched the interview and it made me cry as I lived a few doors along from the family when I was at RAF Valley in North Wales. Spencer was Nikki’s life and there was no other thought in her life than for Spencer and his well-being.

With submissions to Sundance, Berlin, Tribeca and Edinburgh film festivals, The Walk is a film passion project 45 years in the making, about my severely autistic big brother, Spencer, a powerhouse of energy whose only solace lies in his daily walks across the majestic and rugged Welsh terrain – a simple, yet fundamental freedom jeopardized by social stigmas and the threat of institutionalization – as told by the few who have fought every step of the way to ensure Spencer’s unhindered ability … to Walk.

Mikey Kay

Filmed over three years, The Walk is centered on the life of my severely autistic brother Spencer. Gifted with phenominal fitness and boundless energy, Spencer’s peace comes from walks across North Wales, whether it be the beaches of Anglesey, or among the mountains of the Snowdonia National Park. Our mum, Nicola, devoted her life to Spencer, caring for his every need, day and night. At the center of mum’s daly struggle was a fear that one day Spencer would be taken away and institutionalized due to his challenging behavior. Mum paid the ultimate price for her unwavering devotion to Spencer.

The WALK not only looks as Spencer’s fitness and freedoms as the key to his peace, it follows the journey my sister and I had to take in battling to prevent him from being institutionalized. If you’ve seen ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’, you’ll appreciate the fear we had. Keeping up with Spence is a task, filming and recording his audio is like running a marathon, a feat of endurance! After a 20-year military career flying assault helicopters, with many tours of duty under my belt in Iraq and Afghanistan, I turned my focus to journalism and story telling. Working as a multi-media journalist for ABC News combined with producing and filming stories for networks such as The History Channel, I now have the skill sets to tell Spencer’s story. My hope is that the film will bring more awareness to the spectrum of autism, and the crucial and loving dedication of family and friends.

Risks and challenges

I have self-funded the film which has taken three years to produce, film, write and edit. The Walk is my first feature film, and the skills required to turn this project from an idea into reality, I taught myself. Every moment of my spare time over the last three years has been dedicated to telling my brother’s story. An important tale that I believe will provide a little solace for many many families across the world, blessed with children like Spencer, and who struggle everyday to overcome severe challenges; physical and mental.

The scoring (music) I have used in the edit gives the film a cinematic and powerful feel, however that comes at a premium which is what I am hoping kickstarter will facilitate assistance with. Without the funding, the film will lose a significant element of its emotion, and with that, its influence to affect viewers in a positive way.


The Walk

Mikey was on Good Morning Britain at yesterday morning (7th Dec) talking about the making of the #TheWalk – a film on my severely autistic brother Spencer. Then on Sky News at 3.30pm. If you’re near a telly- would love you to tune in. After 3 years of filming and over 9-months of editing and writing; I’ve finally started submitting #TheWalk to film festivals. I’m also launching a Kickstarter to raise money to pay for the music/scoring that accompanies the film. The entire project hitherto has been self-funded. Link to Kickstarter here. Thank you for the kind consideration->>…

You’ll recognise Mikey Kay as Good Morning Britain’s security expert – but today he joined us to share a personal and moving story of strength against the odds.

Mikey’s older brother Spencer has severe autism and has had around-the-clock care since he was born. His mother literally looked after him until the day she died.

“Spencer, 45, is unable to dress, wash or feed himself – but has found a release through incredible physical strength discovered over years of hiking. Accordingly, Mikey has made a special film called The Walk to tell his brother’s story.

On making the documentary, Mikey said: “How do you make the viewer not feel sorry for that person? How do you make the viewer empower the person and focus on the positive of that person?”

Watch him tell us more above

From Good Morning Britain website.

If you can help Mikey make this film  see the website below.…

Thank God for Mikey and family who care and he is so true that some “prisons have no walls” when you see Spencer out in the wild places and his joy and freedom it is a wonderful sight. His mother Nikki would be so proud of what he is doing.


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  1. barbgrant says:

    This is sooo close to home. My son, my daughter, especially my son….

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