Ideas for Christmas presents and stocking fillers for hill lovers ?

Some ideas for that lover of the mountains in your life?

The phrase “All the gear no idea” is even worse after Chritsmas.  The new ice axe and crampons are great and easy to purchase but gaining the skills to know how to use them is a lot harder! Why not get some instuction?

Instruction – One of the best presents you can give is a winter skills day/ weekend for someone who is venturing out in the winter for the first time.

There are many places where you can get great instruction at a fair price from Glenmore Lodge to so many independent guides and Instructors. It makes sense! Have a look on the web or ask about and it means you will get top instruction at a fair price.For those more experienced we never stop learning and an Avalanche Course is a must for those who are regular winter mountaineers and skiers!

Why not give Membership of Mountaineering Scotland this opens the door to so much the website is full of superb information. They also run Courses, Instruction and Safety lectures and do much for those who love the Outdoors.

Bothy bag – There are so many great ideas for Christmas a great present is a bothy bag ( a posh bivy bag) and well worth carrying if you need shelter on a wild day! I always carry mine all winter. There are various types and costs are available as are sizes and well worth a look on various websites!

A spare battery for phones GPS – A battery that can charge your phone or GPS is to me another essential and I always carry that all the time ! They come in various sizes and prices but well worth it and it means if you need your phone you should always have a charge in it..

Phone mapping battery and connector not in photo

Buffs – There are other stocking fillers like the Buff a great versatile bit of gear which can be used as a hat etc .

The original Buff was designed in 1991, when motorcycle enthusiast and textile expert Juan Rojas came up with a simple seamless microfiber garment that could be worn at least twelve different ways in both warm and cold conditions.

From trial runners to Olympians, divers to motorcyclists, the original Buff is worn all over the world by countless athletes. It’s an insulating face mask on the ski slopes, a sweat band on the trails, a neck protector in the heat or a scarf in the cold. When you’re riding or skiing it can go under your helmet, in dusty conditions it will protect your face, or, if you just need a headband- the Buff is your best friend.

Head torches – There are so many on the market at all sorts of prices but my advice is buy a well known make!

A spare head torch is another good stocking filler a lot easier to use when your batteries fail coming of the hill in the dark. A top tip.

Books – There are lots of great books about and The Scottish Mountain Trust(SMT) donate most of the profit Mountain based projects like paths, huts and Mountain Safety ! I was a Trustee of the SMT and was amazed by the work and money they have distributed to good causes.

The Scottish Mountaineering Trust was established by Trust Deed in 1962 by the Scottish Mountaineering Club. The primary object of the Trust, as stated in the Deed, is “to promote and secure the health, education and recreation of members of the public by fostering among them knowledge of the geography, topography, meteorology, biology and geology of and proper technique of movement within mountainous regions of Scotland or elsewhere and an appreciation of their beauty and by affording opportunities for enjoyment of these regions”

Below are shown the approximate totals of the grants made by the Trust in its major areas of activity in the period 1990-2017.

Below are shown the approximate totals of the grants made by the Trust in its major areas of activity in the period 1990-2017.

Footpath Construction and Maintenance:


Core Funding of Mountaineering Council of Scotland:


Land Purchase:


Mountaineering Education and Training:


Mountain Rescue Equipment and Facilities:


Support of Expeditions:


Renovation of Club Huts:




TOTAL – £1,297,500 That’s a lot of cash given back to the wild places. 



The simple whistle a easy present and one that should be carried by everyone, simple cheap and could save your life.


About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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