Yesterday was International Mountain Day my favourite mountain is Sgurr Na Stri in Skye. “The hill of Strife”

International Mountain Day my favourite mountain is Sgurr Na Stri in Skye ! Small in stature but best view in Scotland. It has so many ways up and is protected by a walk in or ferry but in winter this wee gem is a mountain of mountains at 497 metres its a small hill but was view of the Islands, the sea and the Skye ridge. ‘

From Walk Highlands “Sgurr na Stri is a lowly outlier of the Cuillin, but like its far high neighbours it is extremely steep, rocky and full of character. It is famed especially for its summit view, regarded by many as the finest in the British Isles.”

The hill though small was a tricky as nay mountain in a wild winters night.

I first took notice of this hill on a call -out in December in the early 80;s when an USA F111 crashed at night and I spent an awful night in wild weather, wet snow and tricky conditions. That night I have documented in my blog on many occasions. Since then I have visited the hill again about 10 times and never been disappointed.

I never take the easy way up usually from the Coruisk side following shelf’s and ribs and always seeing another way up. There is now some climbing in the new  guides but it has so many secrets and care has to be taken.

I took a lassie up a sporting way this summer and she thought that the Dubh ridge was easier the day before. There is loose rock about around the gullies and it feels like a real mountain and when the views change with the weather there is nowhere I would rather be.

it can be  interesting walk in  via the river crossing at Camusunary .

In winter early December we were not given any views a few years ago and walked in past Camusunary forded the river and then  over the Bad Step with big bags.

That day we walked round the hill and saw so much more of the gullies and cliffs the start straight from sea level staying for two nights at Coruisk JMCS Hut.


I once sailed in to the bay after a 10 day sailing trip and had a great night on the hill in late summer the views of Rum, Eigg and Canna were spell-bounding.   That day was another incredible day on the Skye hills with great pals, drinking whisky on the boats with “Mad burn water”.

I have been so lucky to visit many of the worlds great peaks and climb in remote places but this “Hill of Strife” means so much to me as does the JMCS hut at Coruisk. I have to go this winter and get a few days on this wild incredible place with views that we nearly died for a long time ago.

This is some mountains forget the height do not rush it spend an extra day in here or more and explore the Dark side of the Cuillin.

Camusunary now a private house bothy nearby,

From my mate Paul ” Agreed. Before I moved to Skye in `84, Sgurr na Stri was always our “warm-up mountain”. Anyone approaching by the southern crags needs to have a high degree of care on the approach. It may be wee but it has a bite.”

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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