Any advice for a road bike ? Clavie night in Burghead tomorrow well worth a visit.

I am maybe toying with the thought of getting  a road bike I would appreciate any advice on what to buy? I am enjoying a wander on my mountain bike and try to get out when I can. It may be I will be on a cycle trip in late summer for about 7- 8   days. I can say little about this as yet but the plan is to cycle up 100 miles a day.

2001 Tibet – looking for a bike?

I supported my stepdaughter Yvette last year on her #RideforReuben  Oxford – John O’ Groats so I have an idea of the effort and  pain involved.

What I would like to know is the cost of a reasonable bike etc?

Any advice advice would be appreciated. No laughing please I am trying?

I am using the app Ride for GPS.

Clavie 11 Jan 2018.

Tomorrow  is Clavie night in Burghead (The Broch)and the town will be busy as many come and see this annual fire festival to celebrate the Pictish New Year! The village doubles to twice the size in this small coastal town and many come from far and wide to see the spectacle. I have a few friends coming for the night and we may have a small party. It will be good fun as the lighted barrel is displayed through the town! The weather looks good so it will be a great night maybe I will take my Christmas decorations down after tonight!

The local folk get ready to celebrate the Pictish New Year with the traditional burning of the Clavie. Thousands are attracted to the Broch for the annual event, which sees a tar-soaked barrel set alight and paraded around the streets to ward off evil spirits for the year ahead. The flaming spectacle of January 11 is led by Clavie King Dan Ralph and the local men who make up the Clavie Crew.At exactly 6pm on Saturday, a burning peat will be used to light the Clavie before it is heaved onto the shoulders of crew members and marched around the town. It ends in spectacular fashion and is worth a visit but come early and then the village celebrates.



About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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8 Responses to Any advice for a road bike ? Clavie night in Burghead tomorrow well worth a visit.

  1. thecheekycyclist says:

    Can I recommend my blog to help answer your questions? I’ve been writing a letter stared series to help with some if the questions you’re asking. Let me know if we can help with anything else too. Good luck on your journey!


  2. ptsd17 says:

    There’s a multitude of bikes now available for various tasks, trying to recommend one is nigh on impossible. Your best bet would be to visit various specialist bike shops, talk with the staff (usually cyclists) and try out the bikes. Choose one that’s been advised as suitable, and that your happy with. There’s a cycle shop in Forres, Tiso (Alpine Bikes) in Inverness, Edinburgh Cycle shop in Aberdeen.
    I had planned on doing a long charity cycle trip a few years ago but unfortunately the charity pulled the plug. As I had very limited funds I actually got a bespoke bike made for me by a charity in Glasgow called Common Wheel.

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