A winter walk about Ben Rinnes – The Right to roam well worth listening to the BBC Radio Scotland Outofdoors program.

Yesterday was a winter wander up my local hill the Corbett Ben Rinnes, I had two friends with me Kalie, Dianne and Isla the collie. The weather was for wind and a bitter cold on the tops and the short drive about one hour was easy the roads were clear. There was a bit of wind on the way and the small car park below the hill  there was only one car. We headed up and the path it is excellent and well maintained by the ” Friends of Rinnes” and they so some great work. The wind was as forecast bitter  30 – 40 MPH and as always Dianne was charging ahead and Isla finding wood to carry while myself and Kalie headed up.

On the way up, the light was impressive..

There was plenty of work on path road looked by the estate as this is prime grouse shooting country and new parking for vehicles has been cut near the track. The ground is pretty chopped up near by but luckily it was frozen it will be interesting to see what its like after the thaw.

It was not a day to hang about and higher up there was plenty of ice about and on the last pull up the wind got fairly strong. It was definitely winter from about 2000 feet and I was still coughing well trying to get rid of the cold still.

The lonely tree at 2000 feet

You had to take care on the ice and added with the wind crampons may have been worthwhile and the final 500 metres to the summit was pretty barren and plaster with ice. The summit tors were soon in view and they were plastered with snow and on reaching them we got some shelter.

2018 Summit view

The last few steps to summit trig point were icy and the views in the grey sky wonderful giving a grey window on the Cairngorms and at least we were missing the snow showers. The darker clouds were over the Cairngorms and on the higher hills the winds would be wild. 

Kalie and Dianne at the top.

We had a break out of the wind met a hardy pair of lassies and enjoyed a few minutes, it was not the day to hang about. Kalie put on her crampons and we headed down into the wind and even on this little winter hill it was hard work and you had to take care on the ice.

We met a lot of folk coming up and a few deciding the winter wind and conditions were not for them good decision we were soon down off the snow.

2018 Heading down

About 300 metres down the weather was better and we were soon heading back to the car and the car park was now full. It was a quick sort out then head for some home made soup and tea in the cafe and then home.

Ben Rinnes is only a short wander but I was feeling tired the cough is still with me but it was worth it for a few hours out. I am sure the girls enjoyed the short day but the wind even for a short time was brutal and its a hard winter just now. It was back home for a bath then an early night watching the football and an early night after a great walk on a magic mountain.

Thanks for the walk girls and the company.

Right to Roam

On Saturday morning the BBC Radio program Outofdoors did a piece on the “Right to Roam” legislation that was celebrating its 15 th birthday. The access we have as a right IN Scotland comes with responsibly and this great program discussed the Act and the work that gave Scotland such great access. It was due to so many from all political parties that put this Act through the Scottish Parliament after great work by so many environmentalists.

It is so important that this right is maintained and the younger generations appreciate the effort and fight that made the “Right to Roam” Law.  Please when out and about in the wild places explain to the young folk  and those who have limited knowledge of Land Access how we have this great freedom and why we have to respect all parties involved who use the land.  It is one of the finest achievements of the Scottish Parliament and this is what makes Scotland so specail  A great program and you can get it on the IPlayer.

This “Right to Roam” law leaves unlimited potential for outdoor enthusiasts in Scotland the environmentally friendly company Patagonia follows two of its athletes on a mission to find great snowboarding terrain throughout the Scottish back country. At the beginning of the film, the two athletes meet a local with a shared interest in snowboarding, … They make a film its superb, please watch it. The piece in the bothy near the end were Laura a young Scots lass explains so passionately about our “Access to Roam”and what it means to her. This is powerful stuff please see the link below and share it please.

Thank you Patagonia, what a company, what an ethos.

https://vimeo.com › Patagonia › Videos

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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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5 Responses to A winter walk about Ben Rinnes – The Right to roam well worth listening to the BBC Radio Scotland Outofdoors program.

  1. ptsd17 says:

    The wind was brutal up here yesterday, even though the mercury was reading 4 degrees the windchill pushed that well below zero. I’m located at 900ft and was outdoors working on a new track, I eventually gave up and moved indoors to a warm cuppa and cosy fire.
    Did you see the extra large weird looking SIKORSKY S-64F Sky crane helicopter operating on the electricity pylons for the Dornell Windfarm? It’s here for the next week or so lifting pylons into place and well worth seeing.


  2. ptsd17 says:

    Should also have mentioned a fantastic local weather tool where you can look for personal weather stations near where you want to go, it’s a lot more accurate that normal weather forecast apps, for example weather for Dufftown is actually for Lossiemouth as that’s the nearest official weather station, not much use if you’re relying on it for outdoor activities.
    My weather station is at
    You can look around on the map and find loads of other amateur stations closer to where you want to go.


  3. Al Swadel says:

    I hope the estate tidy up the mess that they have made of the path. This is for shooting access (as confirmed by FOBR) Disappointing to See it immediately adjacent to the main route up this hill. Makes you wonder how they intend to manage shooting and public access at the same time.

    Liked by 1 person

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