Lockerbie the Cycle to Syracuse – A great honour – to represent the Military, Mountain Rescue and SARDA.

I have been asked why the great interest in cycling here is the story of why: I have the honour to join 4 Team members from Lockerbie in a “Cycle to Syracuse” It will be a hard trip physically and mentally and a lot of miles in a week. Hopefully the training will go well and I will do my best. My health has not been great over the last few years but I am sure I will cope and keep working on getting in the miles.  Most know what Lockerbie means to me and so many of my friends and colleagues. The cycle will be for various mental health charities which are so needed by all and I ask you to look at the Facebook Page over the next few months. We leave in late October so I have a long way to go to get the body into shape but this is a journey I have to take. Every year I get contacted by many who were involved in tragedy mainly from the Rescue Agencies. Every year it effects people families and friends o many who were involved and that hopefully much good will come out of our trip. Please take time to read the introduction below and support this venture.


In 1988, a journey began that was not completed.

30 years on, Cycle to Syracuse intends to continue that journey. It aims to complete the 3,238 miles between Lockerbie and the University in upstate New York who lost 35 of its finest students while they were returning home from London after a semester of study in the UK.

This is a memorial cycle tour, by the community in Lockerbie, for the community in Lockerbie, to demonstrate support for the families and friends of all 259 people who were aboard Pan Am flight 103 when it exploded in the airspace above us and in turn killed 11 from our community too.

In resuming this journey, we will remember those lost and those who were affected in the aftermath – the response of the townspeople and of the thousands who came here to help.

But it’s not just about reflecting or dwelling on the past, it’s about constructing a better future. We aim to focus on the ongoing relationship between Lockerbie Academy and Syracuse University today – to celebrate the hundreds of bonds that have emerged and will endure forever.

Finally, we aim to raise funds and awareness for worthwhile mental health causes along the way and will expand upon this in the coming months.

We’ll feature the team who aim to complete the journey and the means by which they’ll do it – with more than a little help from their friends – over the coming weeks and months.

Please join us on this journey and support us on the way to Syracuse!

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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4 Responses to Lockerbie the Cycle to Syracuse – A great honour – to represent the Military, Mountain Rescue and SARDA.

  1. yvescat says:

    Very proud of you for this x 🚲 💙

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  2. Chris Booth says:

    Wow brings back so many feelings. I managed to finally go to the memorial when I was back in the UK Christmas before last. 40 years with Upoer Wharfedale Fell Rescue Team and saw many disturbing things but non that compare with Lockerbie.

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