Signs of Spring – It’s still winter on the hills and golfing memories on the “Moray Med”at Hopeman Golf Club.

Spring is coming but still snow forecast for the Easter period on the high ground where it is still winter especially in the highlands. Yesterday I managed a game of golf with the Seniors at Hopeman, we play every Wednesday. It’s a great course with a superb setting of the sea and the Moray Firth with the snow capped hills in the distance and the waves and surf were up today yet there was little wind. I enjoy golf I am rubbish but it is a break from the mountains and the company is good as is the course. The  ground staff and all the other staff make this a great place to play and i love it here. It is millionaires golf on a budget.  It was my first game since my mate Tom Jones passed away a few weeks ago. Tom was the same age as me and we played lots together, he was a fun companion and loved his golf. He called Hopeman the “Devil’s Course” as it is tight and a typical links course but loved it.  I had lots of memories of him today and his golf tips ” hit it as hard as you can”  “watch and learn” what a great pal and he would have laughed at my efforts today.


The Yellow hammer a lovely wee bird.

The signs of Spring are about and the Yellow hammer was busy nesting and in amongst the broom or gorse where most of my balls end up. It is a lovely bird and always busy and singing at this time of year and I am sure it nests in the gorse which is bright yellow already. The grass is recovering from a hard winter but the course is a credit to the green keeper and the staff and the food after a game always excellent.

The famous Preshaich Hopemans signature hole, magnificent and  if you see the dolphins as well is this heaven?

The Yellowhammer is a sparrow-sized, bright-yellow bird of woodland edges, hedgerows, heath and farmland that feeds on seeds and invertebrates. In the winter, they join mixed-species flocks of buntings, finches and sparrows to feed on seed in farmland. Yellowhammers are often seen perched on top of bushes singing their ‘a little bit of bread and no cheese’ song. The female builds a cup-shaped nest from grass and moss, laying between two and six eggs. It must build its nest of golf balls the number that are in the gorse.

I also met another Pal ” Big Jim Morning” who was over with Grantown Golf Club on a visit and after my game I walked round with him. It was a lovely afternoon and Jim was in good form as was his golf, We caught up and talked about our mate Tom and how he would have loved today and how much we will miss him but how short life is and you must get on with it. I had to get back for a Skype meeting at 1600 so it was a bit of a rush and amazing you can talk to the USA  on your technology it all worked bar my camera on my laptop but a great help any tips?

It was great to get out and maybe I will get a wander on the tops amongst the  Easter crowds this weekend I need it. the snow is forecast so there is still a fair amount about. I pick my wee van up today so at least I will have transport again and life is there to enjoy and I will as long as I can.




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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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3 Responses to Signs of Spring – It’s still winter on the hills and golfing memories on the “Moray Med”at Hopeman Golf Club.

  1. Happy Easter! I too see the signs of spring popping it’s head up a little early. We have 2 snow storms in our forecast. It is beautifully and sunny outside. We have had a heat wave of 5C today LOL.

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