Last day in Plockton, the West at its best! A sailing trip in the bay. Some local tales, great food and company music poetry and a sunset! Just what was needed after a long winter!

The last full day of a super trip with two great friends to Plockton! I was awakened by the 0630 train we are living in the the Old Station House at Plockton. It was then a leisurely cooked breakfast and then walk down to Plockton for a short boat trip! The weather held of after a usual April shower!

As always the boat has a skipper of great West Coast character and what a grand trip we had round the bay. Even Byron Lyle and Judy’s dog came with us! Calumn regaled us with tales of Lost boys Islands and a rock on the cliffs that was like a seals face!

He told us some grand tales especially about the paint that make up the seals eyes! He asked a visiting military Helicopter crew to put some paint on the buttress so the tourists could see it better! It remains today and is a tale of another era and I am trying to chase the crew who did it!

Calumn also told us of his love of nature and especially the sea Eagles. His brother was the pilot of the Nimrod aircraft that brought them from Norway in the 80’s! I remember it well as I was at RAF Kinloss in Morayshire at the time!

What a small world we live in! Sadly there were no Sea Eagles today but it was a grand trip and thoroughly recommended.

It was then time for lunch and we found another great cafe just opened and the food was superb as was the service and ambience. There was some great books to read about the area and the sea and we spent a great time in here!

I loved the friendly lassie that ran it and we met a young lass up for the summer working locally! People speak to you and so great to young folk with ideas and vision about. The inside of the cafe is lovely with local wood recycled and looking at home here!

It was then a wander along the local walk great views all the time few folk about and just a relax after lunch. On the way back we passed the High School and the bagpipes were being played it was some place to be!

The School is right next to where we are staying at the Station Plockton High. It had a large catchment area and is also a Centre of Excellence for Traditional Music!

Since we started up in May 2000, we like to think we’ve established ourselves as a place where talented young traditional musicians can come and develop their skills to the full.

Our students learn playing and singing, both live and in the studio, composing and arranging, the history and context of traditional music, stagecraft, music technology, and all the other diverse skills which go to make up a modern professional musician. Visit the links on the right for further details.

“For others, music is just something else they do.

For us, it has taken over our lives.”

Fiona MacAskill, former student

We have met many of the students from the High School and I must admit they impressed us all. Friendly and communicative they seem a diverse bunch and yet willing to chat and discuss with the tourists and visitors. To me what a foundation for life they have and for their future!

It was then back a wee snooze then out for evening meal at the Shore Restaurant another 5 star meal and then a wander watching the sunset over the bay while listening to Leonard Cohen – magical.

‘There is a crack in everything/ That’s how the light gets in’ – the best Leonard Cohen lyrics

The wee dram,the fire some poetry-music and chat made a great end to a special 5 days with two great friends. There was no rush no hills just fresh air,great food and company. I needed that break after a long winter.

The West Coast May have its problems at times it can be a hard life in a long winter. As every there are problems with drink, drugs and lack of work yet we met so many folk young and old who have time to chat and talk about this wonderful place.

I thought I knew Scotland well after nearly 50 years in the hills but I am only now seeing what I rushed past. Every day is so special live it and enjoy what we have. There is no need to travel abroad when we have this on our doorstep all we have to do is “open our eyes and let the light come in “

Now maybe get all that weight off by a cycle on the way home ! Thanks Lyle , Judy and Byron for a great few days and the West Coast a place that keeps on giving.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Last day in Plockton, the West at its best! A sailing trip in the bay. Some local tales, great food and company music poetry and a sunset! Just what was needed after a long winter!

  1. Great post, we stay in Plockton twice a year for all these reasons and it’s a good base for Skye and other areas. Always found the people fascinating and ready to chat, always enjoy Calum’s trips around the Loch, agree about food at the Shores.
    Back there in 7 weeks, can’t wait.

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