Fly tipping on the Dava Way near Grantown a long standing problem all over. Terrible in many places Loch Laggan on going !

Yesterday I went for a wander along the Dava Way. The main road was shut to Grantown due to roadworks so we went the back roads! After visiting an old climbing ground Huntlys Cave then we wandered along the Dava Way.

At Huntly’s Cave on a tree we saw a Wagtail with a yellow breast would we be right you birders?


his is s magical walk along the old railway that has had so much support by the local folk! It has become a labour of love and the results are superb! Many now enjoy the walk in all it’s stages and it’s history is superb!

Along the track we came across this gentleman who fought in the 1715 rebellion! The Dragoon’s marched along this way at night and caught the Jacobite army at Cromdale routing them ! The end of another rebellion!

Derrick is recovering from an operation so we not going far when we came across an old tv on the path! It had been thrown away from the road above down through the trees and onto the path!

It was an old tv heavy and so out of place so on the way back we carried it to my van! I will get rid of it today at the recycling depot!

Why oh

Why do this?

It was so sad that idiots can do this and what are we doing to this land as fly tipping is wide spread!

Loch Laggan view / “Glen Boggle ” from Monarch of the Glen Tv program!

It reminded me of a blog I wrote on 1 Nov 2016 of Fly tipping at Loch Laggan near Ardverikie Estate there are tyres a fridge and a tv all dumped by the Loch. Sadly the council can do nothing as it is on private Land not by the landowner but by fly tipping! I passed last month and it was still there! I go back this week watch this space ! I am like Robert the Bruce and the Spider. I hope to get it sorted one day!

Why oh why

Comments welcome !

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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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