Short two hours on the bike and a visit to Fort George .

Yesterday after I took an old battered television that was Fly tipped on the Dava Way to the Recycling in Elgin then I went for a cycle for a couple of hours. Sadly last week I did not get out on the bike due to a stomach upset that lasted days. Before I headed out the Elgin and District Pipe Band were playing in my village for funds for the band. They were superb and were having a coffee morning in the hall. It was great to be packing the bike in the van when the pipe band started up. They were excellent and I did not stop for a coffee but dropped in a donation! They raised over £750 for the band!

I went to Nairn in the van as I had wanted to cycle round to Ardesier /Fort George vastly Stuart and along the coast. The weather was sunny and warm and the shorts were on. It is a lovely bit of coast with Fort George so dominant .

The fear that place must have brought to the Jacobites after the rebellion as it was being built it is massive and a real show of strength! I seem to keep the Jacobite thread going in these blogs?

Fort George an imposing fortress!

Fort George (galic ) Dùn Deòrsa or An Gearastan, the latter meaning literally “the garrison”), is a large 18th-century Fort near Ardeseir to the north-east of Inverness in the Highland council area of Scotland It was built to pacify the Scottish Highlands in the aftermath of the Rising in 1745 replacing a Fort George in Inverness constructed after the 1715 Jacobite Rising to control the area. The current fortress has never been attacked and has remained in continuous use as a garrison.

It is now the home of the Highland Regiment and how few of them are left now ? This place has huge history and is the home of the famous Black Watch and the Third Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland!

I found a wallet on the road as I cycled with a bit of cash and various cards that I took into the Police station in Nairn on the way home. Maybe I will get some good Karma now?

It was a bit windy at times in the bike but lovely to get the sun much needed after feeling rubbish for a week!

Photo My mate Derek and the old TV dumped on the Dava Way – probably thrown from the road! We carried it out and it is in the recycling at Elgin now!

I got some good comments on Facebook on the fly tipping on the Dava Way thanks to all. Everyone was disgusted especially after all the work the “friends of Dava Way “have made to this grand walk!

Photo – The Annual party for the Dava Way workers !

There is little we can do but keep an eye on the rubbish and report it! Sadly the biking lets you see what a mess is left and surely folk can take rubbish to the tip? Next weeks mission the Fly tipping at Loch Laggan! Ongoing for several years.

I had planned to get out to the West today got my kit sorted! What to take cut down the gear from winter but after getting up early 0500 it was raining and the weather was not looking great! So decided to see what the weather is like later on as the forecast says it will improve ! Such is life but it was good to get the kit out again and reload at my bag for summer walking.

The Elgin Pipe Band in action live in Burghead!

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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