More on helmets – a must ? Climbing, scrambling, bouldering, cycling?

From Pete Hill MIC

“A friend of mine had a big fall in Glen Nevis last week. Apart from the outstanding skills of the Belford hospital staff and the brilliant and swift action of Lochaber team members, you can see the result on his helmet of a twenty metre fall. Cracked ribs, cracked vertebrae, bashed lungs and various bumps and bruises. However, having bounced mainly head first he only needed four stitches at the back of his head, an absolute testament to wearing a helmet. Without it he wouldn’t be here. In this hot weather it might be tempting to leave your helmet behind but evidence suggests otherwise…….”

Helmet after fall – photo Pete Hill.

The weather is good so there will be so many out this weekend, be safe and despite the heat wear a helmet its a no brainer.

Jim Fraser Killin MRT – Went bouldering beside the road outside Kyle one evening many moons ago. Doing a simple VDiff slab, I came off and slid down it to the bottom. I rolled over at the bottom: no problem, apparently. Then I looked up. There was a rock that was bigger than me. It was 10mm from the top of my head. OK, let’s wear a helmet when bouldering: not the fashionable thing to do but I LIKE having a head. Wait a minute. We keep preaching that the simple slip is the commonest hill walking accident, so when that happens it is best to be conscious and breathing so that you can call for help. For that you need your head, so you need a helmet. Helmet for bouldering. Helmet for hill walking. Helmet goes on when gearing up at the car. Still looking silly 30+ years later. Still alive.

There are so many more stories well worth a look and reminding your mates?

David Mitchell Ex RAF MRT

Absolute no brainier especially on ‘easy’ scrambles. Had a trialist take a big tumble on Sour Milk Ghyll in Buttermere in 86/87. The route was described as easy with no technical equipment required in the guide. The route was pleasant and easy for all but he still slid and tumbled over 2 rope lengths after a seemingly innocuous misstep. He sustained some severe injuries, including head, and was in intensive care for several days. Glad I decided to gear everybody up with helmets.

Tony Bradshaw  – Still a lot of cyclists don’t get it …. you only have one head why risk it ….. but UK Cycling … does not agree ….. they say there is no evidence that helmets save lives … unbelievable…/views-and…/cycle-helmet

Cornwall Classic

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