Your never to old to learn or fall off a bike / a journey of pain and incompetence!

This new game of cycling is hard going especially for a mechanically dyslexic person like me! I went to see my mate Kenny who was my Deputy in the RAF MRT and then became my Team Leader! He is a typical no nonsense Yorkshireman. Who lives near Beauly in his Castle with his lovely wife Elaine ! Breakfast was planned early so I arrived by 0815 after a stunning journey through Inverness! The mist was down but the Beauly Firth with the herons on the shore was reward for an early start!

After breakfast with the mist still down we took Meggy Kenny’s dog for a walk. Now Meggy is getting on like me but Kenny showed another side from the hill beast of old! Maybe things would be okay for my weekend.

Kenny and Meggy by the massive tree in the grounds of Achnagairn House “Outlander was filmed here what a place ” It was then drop of Elaine and back to get sorted for a cycle !

Anyway looking back I had a strange weekend and learning every day! Kenny took me up the Monaick Mhor a steep climb near his house I struggled and after a bit of help he adjusted my seat! It mustvhad slipped a bit over the weeks. As I cycke alone I had no clue at all?

Anyway with the raised seat I found the pedal cleats a lot harder to get out off (must need an adjustment )and the tinybroad which Kenny says there is never any cars was busy! Next minute I am in the ditch on a steep hill! I was struggling to get the gears for some reason but Kenny sorted it and I still struggled was it just a bad day! At one point I had to get off the bike and walk! The car had just shoved me off the road it was so tight but never ever busy but this was Saturday!No sympathy from Kenny just a laugh and a look ! I was not impressed and a bit battered .Kenny just powers on GeV never drinks and only had a cup of tea from his flask at the top of the Col de Monaick ! The Col of pain? It was sunny though and we sat in the sun and had lunch a break and I needed the shammy cream ! Another lesson learned from a few weeks ago! Especially after my operations in this area to much info ? . I took it easy coming down hill Kenny ahead and he must have not been impressed. His quote was “I feel asleep and was even snoring you took so long?”

In the end we got home had a shortish day under 20 miles but about 1800 ft of ascent! The mist came in and out and was chilly at times. I was not happy with my cleats and getting of the pedal quickly ( will need adjusted) and took my time! Kenny was telling me about all the bird calls he had heard and that was a cue for my music to be kept off.

We got back quick shower check the bike and then a great tea by Kenny!

We had a good evening watching the footy ( sad result) and to be fair Kenny did look after me as Elaine his wonderful lass was away for the weekend!

It was an early night and thoughts of where we were going tomorrow Kenny had plans ?

Lessons : seat check

Get pedals checked

Struggling on hills with gears – still?

Test despite the disasters being out on the bike and seeing the wildlife, the flowers and the smells of the Summer is wonderful. Maybe tomorrow will be better?

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Your never to old to learn or fall off a bike / a journey of pain and incompetence!

  1. Simon Willatts says:

    Struggling with gears only on the hills? Do you go up a gear only, or wait until it’s quite hard work to pedal, and then change? If you change late, there is a lot more tension in the system, so it will protest: change early, and ease of your pedalling a bit as you do, and it should be much smoother.

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