Garbh Coire bothy – rebuilt thank you Mountain Bothies Association! Great memories in the past and for future generations! If we look after it!

I was told that the wonderful bothy in the remote Garbh Coire was going to be rebuilt after a lot of work by the MBA to get permission from various organisations. Then the huge organisation of men/women power and the materials to the remote site. It is a place of huge historical interest to climbers and walkers who love the Cairngorms. I am so lucky to have climbed from here in summer and winter exploring the great cliffs and have grand memories of days on these climbs. Few climb in winter here but they are Alpine in length and serious in winter. The cliffs are protected by big snowfields even in the summer and in winter massive cornices!

I also stopped here on some of my walks across Scotland epic days where the bothy was a lifesaver. On one early trip a good pal took all the paper out of the walls not understanding that they stopped the spindrift coming in we woke up covered in snow! It was a drafty place, we replaced as much as we could.

2006 Garbh corrie bothy

On another occasion we climbed the waterfall that flows out of Lochan Uaine many years ago and then onto Angels Peak and the plateau after bivying outside hut. It was a special day nearly 1500 feet of snow and ice and then a fight to get off the plateau. These were some of the best years as was finding the bothy in a white out!

Follow the river is the key it was still hard on a wild winter day. We also used it in some of the searches in the Cairngorms where it gave us shelter before the big walk out!

1993 Bothy clean up

It was a place where the helicopter crews got to know as it was used as a drop off pick up point on rescues and training. In the old days we did an annual clean up of the bothies rubbish by helicopter as a training exercise before Health and Safety sorted that out!

1981 Walk across Scotland.

It is situated thankfully well off the path above the Larig Gru and into the Corrie so hopefully it will be looked after all the work that has been done.

2018 Garbh Corrie before the re – build.

Thank you all that were involved we owe you so much  surely most that stop have a break in bothies should join the MBA and give something back. Thanks to Heather and Neil Reid for the photos and the great insight into the Cairngorms and the bothies through Neil’s excelleny blog   Blog

This is from the MBA.

On Saturday the 23rd June 2018, the Garbh Choire Refuge was rebuilt to conclude 14

of campaigning, preparation and hard work by the Eastern Highlands MBA.

Since receiving the go ahead from the NTS six months ago, there has been a lot of work going on behind the scenes in preparation for the final push. A huge amount of effort was put in by various volunteers ahead of the work party to access parts of the refuge in order to establish the correct sizes and measurements, allowing key parts of the structure (such as a new window and door) to be made off site ready to be fitted at the weekend.

A big thanks to Paul Atkinson who carried out detailed surveys of the existing bothy allowing him to manufacture the steelwork required to replace parts of the original frame. The new steelwork was flown in by helicopter on Friday morning and in place by the afternoon.

Another big thanks to Kenny Ferguson and Topper who were up on numerous occasions themselves’s, and with Paul, cutting and grinding out the old bolts ready for the new steelwork to be installed. The trio also spent many hours removing the original stones in preparation for the following works on the steel structure below.

rebuild 2018 MBA – Photo Heather Morning

A big thanks to Bill Sutherland who coordinated all aspects of the helicopter – from the original booking, to measuring and calculating the weight of all materials prior to the lifts. This then allowed us to crate up all the materials ready to be flown in on Friday morning.

Thanks to Neil Findlay who kept the team of volunteers informed on the weekend plans along with Sandy Simpson and Stevie MacArthur who provided their knowledge and expertise on the manual work to be done over the weekend and the tools required for the job.

Another big thanks to Ellie Kinghorn and Jamie Kinghorn who, whilst helping with the renovation, also provided the catering for the whole weekend feeding over 20 folk.

And of course none of this would have been possible without the help of each of the volunteers involved in the actual work party itself. Too numerous to mention but an unbelievable effort by all – especially James Bussey, a master dry stone dyker who provided his expertise when rebuilding the dry stone walls in one day.

After 14 years of campaigning with Neil Reid, the sense of achievement was unbelievable when everything came together at 4pm on Saturday for the topping out ceremony.

Come on the Eastern Highlands.

MBA – Founded in 1965, the Mountain Bothies Association exists to maintain remote buildings for which the owner has little or no use, yet remain important to walkers and others who make use of the shelter that they provide. We only own one of these buildings – Over Phawhope bothy. The remainder are maintained with the agreement and encouragement of the owners. All maintenance work is financed from our own resources, mainly membership subscriptions supplemented by generous donations from benefactors, some of whom wish to commemorate a relative or friend who was a hillwalker or climber.

The maintenance work along with the bulk of administration is carried out by volunteers. Each bothy in the care of the Association has one or more Maintenance Organisers who are responsible for arranging routine maintenance. You will find more information about the bothies that we maintain and about what we do elsewhere on this site. If you are not already a member, why not join us and help to preserve these unique shelters?

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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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    Your readers may find the following interesting re the rejuvenation of Garbh Coire Refuge.
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