We live in incredible times! Nicky Spinks 116 miles in 55 hours 56 minutes. 48 peaks 57000 feet of ascent – Double Ramsay Round.

***UPDATE: On Monday July 2nd, 2018 (7:56am UK time) Nicky Spinks became the first runner to complete a Double Ramsay Round, negotiating the gruelling 116 miles in a time of 55 hours and 56 minutes. She battled heat exhaustion and sleep deprivation to summit 48 peaks in the Scottish mountains. I was following her through her two day epic, the heat must have been murderous, but what an achievement one can only marvel at her endurance and power. What a role model for everyone especially after being a cancer survivor for 10 years. The mental strength to continue was amazing.  



Nicky, a 51-year-old farmer from Yorkshire who recovered from breast cancer in 2006, uses her running challenges to help raise money for cancer charity Odyssey (donate here). So far, she has raised £15,000 and earlier this month was rewarded for her services to sport and charity with the British Empire Medal in the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

The Double Ramsay Round attempt will began from Glen Nevis Youth Hostel, Fort William, at midnight on Friday (June 29th). Nicky was supported on the mountains by running friends who will carry food and water, as well as assist with navigation. She will also receive support at valley crossings, where more friends armed with supplies will be waiting.

Nicki completed her incredible journey, what an effort.

Locations Time Split Rest
Start Sat 00:00
Mullach Nan Coirean Sat 01:22 01h22
Stob Ban Sat 02:00 00h37
Sgurr A’Mhaim Sat 02:48 00h48
Sgurr An Lubhair Sat 02:26 00h21
Am Bodach Sat 03:29 01h02
Stob C. A’Chairn Sat 03:54 00h24
An Gearanach Sat 04:16 00h21
Na Graugaichean Sat 05:07 00h50
Binnean Mor Sat 05:29 00h21
Binnean Beag Sat 06:03 00h33
Sgurr Elide Mor Sat 06:56 00h53
Beinn Na Lap Sat 10:03 03h06
Chno Dearg Sat 11:16 01h13
Stob C. Sgriodain Sat 11:44 00h27
Stob A C. Mheadoin Sat 13:56 02h12
Stob C. Easain Sat 14:15 00h19
Stob A C. Mheadoin Sat 14:33 00h17
Stob C. Sgriodain Sat 17:04 02h30
Chno Dearg Sat 17:41 00h37
Beinn Na Lap Sat 19:00 01h19
Sgurr Elide Mor Sat 22:39 03h38
Binnean Beag Sat 23:46 01h07
Binnean Mor Sun 00:43 00h56
Na Graugaichean Sun 01:11 00h27
An Gearanach Sun 02:17 01h05
Stob C. A’Chairn Sun 01:56 00h21
Am Bodach Sun 03:25 01h29
Sgurr An Lubhair Sun 03:59 00h33
Sgurr A’Mhaim Sun 04:28 00h28
Stob Ban Sun 05:18 00h50
Mullach Nan Coirean Sun 06:00 00h41
YHA Sun 07:22 01h21
Ben Nevis Sun 09:56 02h33
Carn More Dearg Sun 10:56 01h00
Aonach Mor Sun 11:59 01h03
Aonach Beag Sun 12:26 00h26
Sgurr Choinnich Mor Sun 13:50 01h23
Stob C. An Laoig Sun 14:33 00h43
Stob C. Claurigh Sun 15:27 00h53
Stob Ban Sun 16:14 00h46
Stob C. Easain Sun 18:11 01h56
Stob Ban Sun 19:55 01h44
Stob C. Claurigh Sun 20:45 00h49
Stob C. An Laoig Sun 21:33 00h47
Sgurr Choinnich Mor Sun 22:28 00h54
Aonach Beag Mon 00:33 02h05
Aonach Mor Mon 01:20 00h46
Carn More Dearg Mon 03:10 01h50
Ben Nevis Mon 05:06 01h55
Finish Mon 07:56 02h50

I cannot imagine how this was achieved and having completed the smaller Phillip Tranters round many years ago after 2 attempts I felt invincible and exhausted. This is a classic running Round of 40 miles and circa 6000m ascent along the Ben Nevis, Aonachs, Grey Corries and then Mamores ranges in Lochaber many years ago on my own with my dog I have a small idea of what an effort she put in.

I now have another heroine what effort and support, what a band of folk these hill runners are.  Nikki what an effort and great to see the support you have from this incredible band of people, you are all unique and we can all learn from your humility.

This is what I wrote about a pal – Manny Gorman who ran the Corbetts – it is a small insight into those who run in our hills. a specail breed.

In my life I have been so lucky to meet some amazing people and Manny Gorman is one of them. I   went to a lecture in Boat of Garten near Aviemore and I met Manny he was talking about his incredible trip “The Corbett’s in 70 days.  I had met him before on the hill and as hill runner and he is one of its celebrities, they are unassuming men and women with no egos. Today’s sports superstars could learn from these people.  “Manny “is of a breed of these unknown athletes, he is a passionate hill runner and he is one of the finest amongst this unique band of people. They are very private people, they are a “family” and this book gives an insight into this incredible sport, their life, the pain, the suffering but the joy of moving fast through wild land.

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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