Jenny Graham hits 13000 kilometres – amazing. My tips from the amazing Jenny on looking an important part of your anatomy !! Top girl xx

Thanks to the Adventure Syndicate Jenny Graham going so well what a lassie! Unsupported round the World !

Stay safe and well we all love your trip and are with you every minute! What an inspiration Jenny !!

Jenny Graham Current location: Tailem Bend, Australia

Miles covered so far: 8,077

Estimated miles to go: 9,923

We have hit the 13,000km mark! and Jenny is nearing the halfway mark of the Journey.. 45% of the way around the world. Averaging a staggering 275km a day, it looks like Jenny could make it to the other side of Australia in less than 9 days time!

This week also saw Jenny’s bike make only its second trip to a bike shop for a quick tune-up and new chain before she was straight back on the road.

Its been a wet few days, but this hasn’t stopped the sunsets, or the wildlife, from coming out to support Jenny on her adventure. Sightings include Kangaroos, Parrots, Possums and the odd Fox so far… but who knows what she will see next!?

A big thank you to sponsors Leigh Day Cycling Unitas Global APIDURA Shand Cycles Endura komoot Hunt Bike Wheels RitcheyLogic John Hampshire coaching Cycling UK Insta360

You can follow Jen’s adventure here – and use the hashtag #eastboundRTW

Please note these tips are for me not Jenny

Jenny tip!!!

She had time to give me some tips recently !!

Top tip for a sore Bum from Jenny 29 July


“Just a quick message… I’ve been thinking about your butt issues (I have a lot of time on my hands)

What’s working for me…

-Talcum powder (keeps your pad from being wet and you getting rash)

-sudo cream to keep things moving around

-asos repair cream at night after shower if you suffer from cuts and sores (if not sudo cream if it’s more of a rash)

– also are you using bibs ?? Bibs keep your pads closer to you and stop so much chaffing.

Thanks Jenny after 4 operations I have to

Look after my bottom thanks Jenny you are a star!

Hope trainings going well,, happy bottoms J “. xx

Thanks the Inverness flyer for taking time to advise me ! How do you do it ???

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Jenny Graham hits 13000 kilometres – amazing. My tips from the amazing Jenny on looking an important part of your anatomy !! Top girl xx

  1. Jim Fraser says:

    1. Has she got a properly sized saddle?
    2. Talc. Powdered rock as a solid lubricant: but it has to be the right powdered rock. In some territories, there has been a foolish campaign against talc resulting in other materials being sold for these purposes instead, sometimes with painful results. Worth checking the ingredients are mainly talcum.


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