Graham’s 224,Donald’s 89, Corbetts,220,Furths 34, Tops 227,Munro’s 284. A big Day as Anne Butler completes the lot.

Yesterday I was invited to my friends completion of all her Graham’s near Crianlarich . It was an early start for the 3 hour drive and I was stopping to see Aunty Elma in Crianlarich for a cup of tea before we all gathered in the busy forestry car park. The A82 was busy even early in the morning and the deer were jumping out on the road you have to be careful in the early morning light. Elma has been a great friend of the Mountain Rescue for 40 years and it was great to catch up. Elma always puts on a spread of food and we had some incredible pancakes and cakes and caught up with all the news. It was then back up the busy A82 main

road to the car park for Ben Lui at Dalrigh to wander up Anne’s last Graham Fiarach .

There was a huge crowd gathered from the Munro Society and various other pals of Anne plus dogs and we had a great craick!

The weather held and we enjoyed the views from this wee hill. There were so many on the hill but what a varied bunch. There were so many who had completed the Munro’s it was embarrassing but as we got higher this wee hill came into its own.

After leaving the forestry track it was very warm and then the wee hill got steeper.

Before that you follow a bit of boggy ground then follows a fence line up steep grass to the summit ridge over some grand terrain. This is so typical of the area but then a wind got up and we put on more clothes before the top. Most of the group were were on the summit waiting as we headed up.

A few had charged ahead getting ready for the summit celebrations while we took it easy the big hills were pointed out as we got higher. This hill though only 659 metres was gives great views. We could see the majestic Ben Lui what a mountain and the views down the Glen.

There was the usual summit arch of ski poles as Anne reached the top with her husband. Then the weather came in the views shut down and the champagne and cake came out.

We had a good laugh on the top it got cold I had all the gear on winter was not far away and we had a great laugh. It was like the ascent of Rum Doodle (a great book! )Champagne and cake !

The rain and wind meant we only stayed on the top for 30 minutes then headed down. The sun came out and we were soon back at the car park and then back to the Hotel in Crianlarich for tea, cake and

scones. There was a meal planned for 1900 so I went back to Elma’s for a change and a shower.

The meal was great and a few speeches and a poem and I left at 2130 to head back to Onich. The rest were having fun.

It was a wild night pitch dark on the way back pouring with rain and I was staying with Sue in Onich for the night. The road was black as hell lots of flooding and two walkers were walking past Bridge of Orchy dressed in black with no torches. I nearly hit them and stopped and gave then a torch I hoped they made it to their tent!

A fun day with some great folk so many characters it was great to meet and share a unique hill day.

As for Anne she says she is going for a double round! Now that is some girl!

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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