An update on what is planned for the Celebration of Ted Atkins Life – Sat 20 th Oct in Brodick the Isle of Arran .

This is from Shona and Lewis.

“Just wanted to give people an update on what is planned for the Celebration of Ted’s life.

The church service will be in Brodick church at 2pm, will be conducted by my Dad, and will last for approximately 35 minutes.

We had then planned to go onto the Douglas Hotel in Brodick, however, the only function room the hotel has is the dining room, and because they already had bookings for rooms, it could only be made available to us for a couple of hours. So, my apologies to those who have booked rooms on the strength of the event taking place there, but I can’t do anything about it now. However, I suggest that those of us who are already on the island, and who want to, get together at the Douglas Hotel bar on the Friday evening. That will give people a chance to meet each other beforehand, and will give Lewis and I, the opportunity to speak properly to more people than we might otherwise manage to do. We plan to get there at around about 7pm.

After the church, we have the church hall booked for 2 hours, and tea, coffee, sandwiches, and cake will be laid on. At the gathering at the church hall, if anyone wants to stand up and speak about Ted, do a slideshow, or whatever, that would be the time to do it. Perhaps somebody might like to co-ordinate that for me?? Alternatively, if anyone wants to do something then, perhaps you could post a message on the Facebook event page, state what you want to do, and how long you want, and then I can try and organize a programme for that.

I am also hoping that we might have a pinboard in the hall, on which people can put photos which bring back special memories, if they want to.

Thereafter, we are going to the Ormidale Hotel, which is a5 minute walk from the church. It is not available for our exclusive use, but I think that we have so many people coming that it will be difficult for anyone else to get in!!

The Ormidale serves bar meals from 5 pm onwards, and if people want to, they can purchase a meal there. However, Laura who runs the hotel has asked that those who want bar meals telephone her, at the Ormidale before 2nd October (when she goes on holiday) stating that they are part of the Atkins Celebration group. The Ormidale number is 01770 30 2293. The bar meals are pretty much typical pub grub, but the food is good, and it is reasonably priced. Whilst she does not take bookings as such, it would just be helpful to know how many she is likely to have to cater for. We suggest that as many as possible get to the Ormidale by 5 pm.

For those who want an alternative (or maybe just a break!) they can book in for meals at the Douglas Hotel (01770 30 2968), Brodick Bar (01770 30 2169), or the Auchrannie Cruize Bar Brasserie (01770 30 2234). There are obviously other good places too, but these are just some recommendations.

In the evening at around 10pm there will be a disco in the massive greenhouse attached to the bar in the Ormidale Hotel, and of course the hotel bar will be open for drinks, and we can party for as long as the bar is open – which is usually until about 12.30am.

I have been asked already about the dress code for the day. I think the thing to remember is that we are having a celebration, and we are going to party afterwards. So, I guess just stay away from dull colours if possible (although Lewis will be dressed in black, but that is just because black is the colour of the clothes he wants to wear). In the end up it doesn’t really matter. We are just happy that people are making the effort to come.

Finally, we have two Italian friends, flying into Edinburgh Airport at 14.10 on Friday 19th October, who will be reliant on public transport. I just wondered if anyone might be passing en route to Ardrossan, who would have car space, and be willing to give them a lift? They are both well-travelled, and I know they will be fine, but I just don’t like to think of them trying to negotiate the journey. Can I also suggest that people use the Facebook Celebration page if they are looking for, or able to offer transport to/from Ardrossan?

So, just to re-cap on timings.

Friday 19th October – Douglas Hotel Bar (get together) 7pm onwards

Saturday 20th October – Brodick Church service 2pm

Brodick Church hall 2.35 – 4.35pm

Ormidale Hotel 5pm onwards, 10pm disco.”

Ted some man!

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After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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3 Responses to An update on what is planned for the Celebration of Ted Atkins Life – Sat 20 th Oct in Brodick the Isle of Arran .

  1. m30scs says:

    Any idea the address of facebook page ?

    Doubt I’m going to make Scotland as I have broke my collarbone
    Ted would be proud
    Fell off sofa
    Stop laughing my left leg doesn’t always work so fell and put my arm down to cushion things, should have used head


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