The sun comes out at Plockton and all is fun.

I had another good day at Plockton on the West Coast the sun was out and we enjoyed places I had missed in the past. So much time has been spent in the high hills it’s great to see the other parts of this unique place. We we’re heading for the Castle at Duncraig that is getting renovated. That is going to be some place it’s impressive. The walk starts just from near where we are staying and starts by walking along a path by the Loch and at times you are so close to the railway.

A pal was going to come from Applecross but the road diversion from Lochcarron made it not feasible and her family arriving later so we missed poor Kallie again.

It is a magical walk the tide was out and the path let’s you have some great views of Plockton and the sea. If this was down South it would be mobbed but not here.

It was a wander full of various trees Oaks, beech and I am sure the massive Douglas Firs. It also has a tiny Station halt near the Castle.

We only saw two other folk on our walk it was magical what a peaceful place and kids would love it we even had a shot on a swing in the trees. Terrifying but even Byron the dog had fun at our attempts.

We can take all this for granted but I never forget that we are so lucky as all the time you get different views. Plockton and the coast the sea and the different aspects and the ever changing light. Byron the dog went mad and there were some great laughs. Mainly at my expense.

It was then a wander near the Castle and lunch at the rocks by the old renovated boat house. What a place to be and even the train came by what a journey that trip is to Inverness.

The Castle woodshed is bigger than my house.

Some kayakers in the cove and were there enjoying their day and what a spot with the sun and the views !

It was the ideal spot for lunch and with the sun what a difference from yesterday’s weather. The small stop at Duncraig station is magical and this line is one of the best in the UK. The Halt even has a small waiting room that makes this place so incredible.

It was then a wander back for coffee into Plockton after another walk onto the tidal island near the pier!

We were lucky as the tide was coming in fast and Calumn the boat shouted at us as we were enjoying the sun on the rocks .

Photo –

Calum’s boat

What a place to be and we were lucky we could walk back before the tide came in it would have been a long wait. To much time enjoying more views and the heat of the sun. The wet boots on the way back made it a fun day. Calumn was laughing at us from the pier.

It was a wander back to the house then out for evening meal in the village.

Walking back just before the tide came in.

Then home tomorrow. Plockton was such fun thanks to Lyle ,Judy and Byron.

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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  1. Agree that walk’s lovely, such a wonderful area!


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