Last day in Plockton and a wee cycle in Applecross sadly meeting a nutter in a car.

I was at Plockton on the West Coast after staying in the incredible Station House by the railway line. I said good-bye to Lyle and Judy who had a long drive South and planned a bike ride. The road to Applecross is getting repaired near Lochcarron and it is a convoy drive past the cliffs and the rockfall that is ever-present that is a constant battle with nature. For a short piece you travel on the railway line!

Travelling on the railway.

Later than I hoped to get started I had wander on the bike from sea level past Kishorn along past the Cioch of Applecross on the bike and up near Bealach Na Ba Applecross ‘ the jewel.

Passing the Cioch at Applecross.

It is a place I love with the cliffs right down to the road it has some classic climbing in summer and winter. I have climbed here often it is so accessible as the road is so close. It is so like Wales or the Lakes to me and a wild place with the great cliffs towering above the road and with the sea nearby this is a special combination.

Sadly the road is so busy this is the North Coast 500 country. It is a massive attraction now yet this small single track road struggles to cope with the traffic. This is just a piece of the route and it would be good if they add on each bit please drive courteously on each page, most do but there are a few idiots.

A land of breathtaking landscapes, secretive hill lochs, mist shrouded mountain peaks and Mediterranean style beaches. Drive through thriving communities with a vibrant culture stretching back thousands of years to the Neolithic ages.

Wester Ross MapA truly stunning area of extravagant landscapes, lochs and roads, your NC500 journey will really begin to light your imagination as you drive.

Yet it is great for folk to see a part of Scotland but why rush through? I should have left earlier and was stopping nearly every lay-by for cars camper vans as big as houses on wheels. The motorbikes were about but they were very courteous.  It was  getting awfully dangerous  so I decided to get back the big camper vans were the worse.

As I was coming back down I then had a nutter who came flying round a corner tyres smoking. It was like a film, he was out of control. He was Completely unaware of who or what was on the road and when I shouted at him to slow down he came back screeched to a halt. He explained graphically and told me this was a road to enjoy and to F …… off back to England !

Charming man sadly full of road rage , why I will never know and just what I needed today  I did not take him on and peddled off.

Sadly I did not get his number but he was a young lad in a red knackered sports car. He was on something drugs or drink ! I legged it I am to old to battle nowadays and was worried he would come back and knock me off my bike. You meet all types but I will meet you again ! That really spoiled my day !

I hope whoever you are you get bad Karma.

It was a stunning day though but that shook me .I hope to get back to the Beleach and have a very early start next time !We could do with some Police presence about! That road that was such a place is some scary road now ! Progress or ……,,,,,,,,,,?


It was then calm down get back to the car. It was a lovely day but spoiled it for me and I did feel threatened. Is that an age thing? I hope he did not kill someone with his driving the skid marks are on the road still!

It was then head back enjoy the views and the sun! I popped in to see a friend but they were not in so no “TLC” Yet I loved my visit I did not really have the time but spent time with friends that mean a lot to me!

The sun is out and helps clear the head after a strange day !

The world had a few head-cases I just met one ! Yet what a place to be.

On the hills above the Belaech something for everyone but ?

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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