Recovering from a long day then visit Arlington cemetery. Bikes fitted meet the support crew and see Washington at night.

We had a quick interview with the media individually after breakfast. I was still suffering from jet lag after being up for 22 hours the day before. It was then go to the incredible Arlington cemetery in Washington and what a place to be. This is where the Lockerbie memorial made from Scottish sandstone is situated and is so powerful as are the graves of so many USA servicemen and Presidents.

We will leave from here early on Friday morning on our journey to Syracuse. It will be some starting point.

The Lockerbie memorial has all the names of those who died and it truly powerful and poignant. Yet a simple design.

It is a place of incredible beauty and there was a big military funeral going on with a horse driven gun carriage and incredible ceremony.

Earlier We had a quick interview with the media at our Hotel.

The Lockerbie memorial is made of Scottish Sandstone and has all the names of those who died and it truly powerful and poignant.  It is a place of incredible beauty and there was a big military funeral going on with a horse driven gun carriage and military ceremony.  

From Colin Dorrance “You hear about the scale of Arlington, but you need to go there to believe it.


We paid an unofficial visit to the Pan Am 103 memorial cairn and spent a few moments contemplating the connection between this place and the place where we live.

I am grateful that the names inscribed in stone mean more to me now than they have ever done, as I continue to learn more about them and more about the people they left behind.”

After this we met

Miles D Ross.

He is our mechanic what a man . He fitted all the bikes for us and ensure that they fit. We got on so well.

Theses are the machines that will take me the next 600 miles to Syracuse.

We hope to have a bit of training tomorrow, iron out any snags then some press, meetings, stock up the RV. We also have a reception with the British Ambassador in New York and then on Friday we’re off!!

We are very Keen to get started with the cycling now. We already have met our Incredible support team who are now here . This has been great so far on both sides of the Atlantic. We plan to help us put a Soul Soup Counsellor in Lockerbie Academy. Nearly £7000 already. Thank you everyone for your donations. Also huge thanks for every 👍, comment and positive support. It means so much to all of us. Together we will make a difference for the young people of Lockerbie and the area .

Our support crew have arrived and it was all go we will be looked after so well and are surrounded by kindness from Colleen Geoff and Cathy. They have come from Canada to hep what folk.

We managed a meal in town last night and a look at the incredible monuments. By now it was late and I was very tired off to bed to try to get some sleep. What a day and only one more sleep before we start.

it will be good to get a spin in the new bike today and I need to get this bug out of my system but I am sure it will be a huge day on Friday when we start.

Pray for good weather and lots of energy.

Thank you all for your support and love .

This is so important to me and so many others and to see these names of that memorial was a powerful reminder of what this is all about.

We met a relative last night of one of those killed the first of many but they appreciate what we are trying to achieve.

“Look Back Act Forward “

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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