Day 3 to New York Central Park .

At last I was back on the bike what a start we set off from a park, dedicated to the memory of Rick Monetti, who died on Pan Am 103.

The family saw us off it was emotional and

we also passed them on route . Try keeping up with the boys going fast and crying at the same time. Not easy huge emotion comes out and the team were there looking after each other. I was so glad to get going the roads were as Brian says

“Flat roads, good surfaces

No wind

Not cold

Not wet

Heavy was back in the saddle

It was fast cycling and fun too

We made it to Central Park “

Here we were met by more families and two pipers from our sponsor Scottish Power. It was another wonderful

Moment in all our lives. We chatted cried a little and laughed. Oliver Mundell the local

MSP was there to meet us what a kind caring man. Sadly our hard working support team missed the final bit due to traffic.

We owe them so much .

As always Miles the mechanic was there we had 4 punctures and he is an incredible human being . He reads the roads and more importantly like after our safety. What a guy a true one in a million.

This is his field of expertise and he keeps me right and tells me when to take a break.

The team is so strong but so aware of what this journey is about. The cycling is a big part but so is the meeting of so many folk.

This journey is way out of my comfort zone but I have great warmth from my team and folk we meet. Our support team are incredible brilliant food and they all are a huge part of the team. Thank you all.

I have learned so much already felt the love of folk I never met and hope that to

All my friends in Mountain Rescue and SARDA and the military get some of the feeling for what you all did these years ago.

There is Huge hope for the future when we meet “hoops “of locals shouting when we cycle through places and time to laugh and cry together!

A family washed our clothes the other day it was a gesture I will never forget so near to the bone for me and what the ladies of Lockerbie did for them.

Everyday is a lifetimes experience cycling through New York was incredible like a film set yet we were it.

The pipers who met us were a superb finale and the Lockerbie lament was played by a Lockerbie piper written by him as a proud young man from the town. It was inspiring.Callum and Donald from the Scottish Power Pipe Band made the hairs on my neck shiver as we heard them on entering Central Park. What a feeling of what we are doing and the pipes made this journey a little easier.

My team mates are all on the same mission to reach Syracuse and end a journey of hope for the future. We want to complete this task.

Day off tomorrow but so much to do with a media call and dinner at Lubin house where we are staying. They have treated us so well.

Thank you all feeling better but drained emotionally but so full-filling in so many ways.

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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4 Responses to Day 3 to New York Central Park .

  1. ptsd17 says:

    Glad you’re feeling much better and back on the bike. If you or any of the team have an injury or illness that forces them to pull out, I’m more than happy to fly out and finish the trip for them!
    Stay strong, pass on my forgiveness, and say a small prayer for me when you get to Syracuse.

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  2. Mairi Paterson says:

    Well done, must be so difficult when you meet relatives. x

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