Digitail App for the Munros – A good addition from the Scottish Mountain Trust.

In the old days when I started my Munros we had a Munro list on the wall at Kinloss that you could tick. Then I bought the Munro book by the SMC so basic but great, I still have my copy its a bit battered.

This digital version of the SMC’s best selling definitive hillwalkers’ guidebook provides route descriptions and maps to all of Scotland’s 282 Munros (mountains over 3000 feet), which can be purchased by area or by route. As well as being a handy pocket sized reference for use at home or on the hill, you can log your ascents electronically as you work your way to Munro completion! Since its first printed publication in 1985, all profits from this best selling guidebook have been donated to the Scottish Mountaineering Trust, a charity created to promote the enjoyment, appreciation and conservation of mountains and the mountain environment.

We’ve now introduced a new feature to buy all of the content for £14.99, which is £8 cheaper than our book (you get all of the book content for that). All profits from SMC and SMT products go to the Scottish Mountaineering Trust, who support projects to benefit the mountaineering community and mountains of Scotland.

There is a good review on the TGO by Alec Roddie, I like the app it handy and as my memory is fading good to see things moving on.


The SMT have now introduced a new feature to buy all of the content for £14.99, which is £8 cheaper than our book (you get all of the book content for that).

Profits from our guidebooks go to the Scottish Mountaineering Trust which is a Scottish-registered charity. Purchasing an SMC publication therefore helps the Scottish mountain environment; they have raised over 1 million pounds to help the Mountain Environment.

I wonder what Sir Hugh would say?


Well done the SMT when is the Corbett ap coming out?

The Munro’s – Thanks Sir Hugh

It was a race to finish
A list to complete
For a name in a book

Like a lover, then gone.

So many great memories
now the hills are battered
By so many feet?

Who are we to criticise
we have all used you?

For many the first is:

Like love, life changing?

So many are now enjoying
what we had when young.

Go and have fun and savour
Those Munro days in the sun.


About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 36 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 4 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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