Well done Yvette on Kilimanjaro for the Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children Charity. So pleased for her and her group.

On my way back home just passing a misty Loch Lomond I heard that my step daughter Yvette had summited on Kilimanjaro as part of a charity group . She was two hours from the nights camp and tired from the “hardest 12 hours of her life ” I was so pleased for her as mountains have always been part of her life. Dave her husband Lexi Ellie Skye her daughters and her Mum Vicky will be so proud of her. So will all the family and Grandparents .Thank you to 360 Degrees Expeditions. I am sure she has had a great trip and a big insight into the high mountains.

On our way to the mystical Sheneval in the North West of Scotland.

Yvettes Dad “Geordie Jewitt “was in the Kinloss MRT with me on the early 70’s sadly he died in a car crash still a very young man. He was a real great character and sadly missed, he would have been so proud of Yvette as all of the family are.

Yvette on the summit !

Myself and Yvette have done many mountains together and I am so looking forward to

hearing how she coped with the altitude.

She has always been a person so determined and has a love of the wild places which she gives to the kids. She loves the space and solitude that you can get and I love being out with her and seeing the joy of her being in places she loves.

The beauty of the mountains

Yvette was climbing for a local Charity that I visited down in Henley the Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children.



Thank you so much to every single one of you who has donated and helped her to reach the minimum

Target. The Chiltern Centre for Disabled Children needs £33 per hour to provide its invaluable services so please do add to the pot if you can!

It’s always special when you see folk achieve their aims and the support from Dave the girls and family is wonderful.

I have been so lucky to climb all over the world and it’s crazy on some I was away for 3 or 4 months and could hardly contact anyone in these days the 80’s.

Now we can keep in touch and I can follow her journey. The benefit of modern life.

I doubt sadly that my trips on expeditions are over yet I get itchy feet when I hear about things like Yvettes trip!

Some of our trips were hard 15 day trek into a mountain in the Himalayas 6 weeks on the hill and 10 days back all at altitude in the Himalayas. I have been very lucky and glad Yvette is out achieving and showing her girls the outdoor world.

It’s not just the mountains but meeting mountain people that make the trip. I am sure Yvette will have met so many great locals the guides , porters and her group.

In the mountains and wild places you met so many special people it’s all part of life. It gives you hope for the future.

This is a poem I wrote for Yvette about a special place we love

The journey to Sheneval


“Cars fly by as you cross the road, to another world,

then silence, the traitor’s gate.

The track wynds through the trees, the river breaks the silence,

The glaciated slabs hide the cliffs, then:

Views of An Teallach open at every turn.

Midges and clegs abound here but not today, too cold, its winter.

Cross the river, is that bridge in the wrong place? Muddy and wet, back on track,

Steep hill, upwards towards the top, the wee cairn, stop, no rush, drink it all in.

On An Teallaech 

An Teallach. Snow plastered, familiar, foreboding.

Open moor, contour round and round, special views,

Every corrie on that great hill has a particular thought. Memories

Fisherfield, these great hills, the light changing, to the West

Youthful  memories of companions, some now gone.

Epic days, trying to impress? Pushing it and nearly, losing it?

Descent to Shenevall, steep, slippy and wet,

Eroded now by so many feet.


Collect some wood. The bothy, the deer, they are still there;

Sheneval. It never changes, only the seasons.

Fire on, primeval. Tea in hand, alone with thoughts.

the Deer rattle the door, time for sleep.

Memories ­­ – Thanks to the MBA!

Heavy Feb 2013 for Yvette   – This poem is in the bothy at Sheneval.

1992 Dec 26 Yvette Ben Wyvis a young lassie.

See you soon

If your free tonight and live near Elgin my char is on tonight.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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