Headed home. Snowy Ossian and the Stag at Ossian a bit of a celebrity now after an article in the Sunday Post. Be aware heavy snow and wind.

Old age does not come easy and the Hostel was a bit busy and I found out that I was not booked my mistake. More of the club were arriving via Culra and some Munro’s. The weather would be wild so I got the early train home. Otherwise it was a long cycle out and I am still not great coughing etc. I could have camped but not just now so I left early.

Our friendly Stag

The warden was great to us what a lady so helpful and the Hostel warm and cosy so I retreated to bed and read my book. Hamish Brown “Walking the song” a great read recommended. i was soon deep into Hamish’s book what a grand read.

This is another great book from the

Scottish mountaineer Hamish Brown presents a personal account of his climbing life, with over 60 years spent in the outdoors. Here is a collection of articles, essays, and journal entries that he has created over many journeys. Well worth it.

Getting old means you visit the loo in the night. The toilets are outside and it snowed heavy in the night and it was a bit exciting meeting a Stag as you wander out in a blizzard.

The secret is to walk slowly be careful and everything is fine. To me it’s a classic thing going out in the middle of the night.

Jake with my ice axe he was not impressed.

If I went home after a walk on Saturday I would be driving in the dark. Sadly old age has given me Cataracts so night driving it’s not easy. I await an appointment to see the specialist it’s a huge waiting list . It was a no brainer to get out on the early train and my bed would be needed I cleared up and left.

Early light at Ossian

Early light at Ossian

The views were spectacular outside I had watched the light and the snow right down . With the light the loch and the snow devils high on the ridges showed high winds.

I am not fit enough yet for this weather on the mountains it takes no prisoners but it’s great to be out in such space.

Heading home.

I packed the bike and left the Hostel after getting the fire on. The rest were about planning their day.

The Warden was heading to Fort William for a few hours and was clearing the platform of the snow and thick and ice when I arrived.

The train was late sadly and she could not afford to be away so long so she headed back to the Hostel. She is a a great lady and ideal for the job. I was on my own now in this wild place the weather changed every few minutes. The squalls came the skies darkened and with snow and the high ridges had plumes of snow on the summits. The snow devils descending their dance onto the ridges.

The bike and the Ossian Station.

This is a place I have waited in the past for many hours in the wee open waiting room. It is freezing there is not heating but out of the wind.

It was so peaceful I filled up the salt in the box on the platform and just marvelled at the scene. Stations are usually busy places but this was so quite. No one else about total solitude till the train arrives .

Snow plumes

It was the old sleeper I got my bike in the Guards van and had a chat with the guard. I mentioned my brother in law who was high on the management of Scot Rail many years ago. He loved this line and the folks who worked it.

In the carriage were others all day on their phones hardly seeing what they were passing .

I wonder what he would make of it nowadays?

The new sleeper at Tulloch we passed it! Well overdue

I was soon at Tulloch saw the new Sleeper long overdue . It was on a trial trip and looked incredible it will be a great asset. So needed in my view. How the railways could use this line as they do abroad with more publicity on an incredible route. Why oh why do they not have this incredible trip and it’s history out there for folk to see. Imagine a viewing car on this trip for the visitors? I have so often mentioned this.

It was a good journey and I was home in the daylight the hills looked stunning. I was not up there on the high tops but I was driving in daylight and there will be other days.

I passed some many cars the Laggan hills look a lot more peaceful but maybe my days of battling with blizzards and looking after a group are maybe drawing to an end.

I will always be out on the hills and seeing there savage beauty !

Great to hear that the Rescue teams found both climbers in Glencoe after a big search. I hope they both recover and thank you all for the efforts of all the teams and Helicopter in support of Glencoe MRT.

What a result for all its must have been a hard call out. Stay safe

Please be careful high winds and snow ! Worth ready big every day the Scottish Avalanche information Service daily forecasts /blogs and information.

Worth reading the SAIS Daily Blogs and forecasts information. Even better go on an Avalanche course.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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