The Munro’s have always meant so much to me when I joined Mountain Rescue it became my ambition to complete them. In these days there was a lot less folk about on the hills. The numbers who had registered their Completion was just over a 100. I was lucky that I could chase my dream out with the Kinloss MRT as most weekend we have climbed. We had a few Munroists in the team or had left they were highly respected apart from the climbers who always had a friendly rivalry with them.

My old Munro’s Tables

We even had a Munro Board and planned our weekends barring call outs chasing them. We would have the maps out the SMC District Guides and it was incredible planning and getting to know the routes and areas.

The Munro Board at RAF Lossiemouth MRT

It became like a drug to many and I missed out on climbing for a while on my quest for completion. When I completed John Hinde and Ben Humble were at the party at RAF Kinloss where myself and my mate Tom MacDonald completed on the same day we were very happy. They added us to the list at that time.


This is how you do register for it nowadays if you want to, its your choice.

I wonder how many have never registered maybe up to 50%? I do ask at some of my talks and get about 30% but friends have told me there are a lot more. The reason I ask as it good to see the increase over the years maybe its steadying out? It also gives a small insight into the increase of hill walking etc.

“The SMC hold a record of Munros, Corbetts, Grahams and Donalds compleators. Notification of compleation and any amendments to the List should be sent by email to the Clerk of the Munro list – or in writing to the Clerk of the Munro List

Alison Coull
258/1 Ferry Road

The Clerk of the List, likes to know how long you have taken, your first and last hills, your age, plans for the future and any other details which may be of interest. You letter will be added to the SMC archive in the National Library of Scotland. The information in your letter may also be included in the summary of munro achievements in the SMC’s journal which is published annually.

Enclose an SAE to ensure a reply notifying your number and details of how to purchase a specially designed Munroist tie or brooch. If you request a certificate the SAE should be A4 size with correct postage (A4 is Large Letter size)

Compleation Pictures

Once you have received an acknowledgement from the Clerk of the List, we welcome compleation pictures – pictures of you on the final hill of your round. Please send pictures as jpg type images (under 5MB please) to along with your:

  • Name
  • Compleation number (if you have compleated the Munros)
  • Name of the hill
  • Date of compleation
  • narrative that you might like included (such as supporters on the day).”


It was for me the beginning of more great days on the hills and also gave us some superb training days many in bad weather.

1976 Nov 27 – First Munro round 1976 An Socach 3097ft Pete Mc Gowan Heavy Whalley, Les Boswell, Mark Cullen.

The Classic big walking days became a superb way of improving your fitness and the bug traverses like the Fisherfield hills, Skye, The Fannichs, Fisherfield, The Mamores, Kintail and so many more became rights of passage. Many I did often like the Mamores etc over 12 times they were great testing walks for us all.

The Munros Guide by the the SMC profits go to Mountaineering through the Scottish Mountain Trust (SMT)

1976 Munro number 148 –

This short narrative was taken from an inscription on back of photo by Pete Mc Gowan Team Leader Kinloss 27 Nov 1976. This was after the completion of the Munros by Heavy Whalley and Tom MacDonald.


Dear Heavy

On behalf of all the members of RAF Kinloss Mountain Rescue Team may I congratulate you on a really fine achievement in ascending An Sochach 3097 feet in Breamar on 13 November 1976.  You completed a unique double with Tom Mc Donald to join a small band of climbers who have ascended all the 280 “Munro Mountains” in Scotland.

Many thanks for your hard work with the team, for you can be rightly and justifiably proud of your efforts.  Well done and best wishes for many happy and enjoyable days in the mountains.

Yours Aye

Pete Mc Gowan RAF Kinloss Team Leader/Also signed “Congratulations” by Ben Humble SMC

The Munro Society is another good organisation who do a lot for Mountaineering why not give some thing back and join them?

Logo Munro Society.

The Munro Society welcomes all Munroists who have compleated whether or not they have registered with the Clerk of the List.

The Society exists to bring together the wealth of mountain experience that members have accumulated and thus provide a forum in which to share interests and concerns as well as creating opportunities for convivial gatherings.

The Munro App an easy way to keep and plan your hills but I still love planning on the maps. 

To me if you climb the Munro’s why not complete the tops as well?

Comments welcome.

Anne B – At least 25% of the completers l know have not registered. 🤔

Now the SMC have stated that a round of Donalds must include Donald Tops l hope, for the sake of consistency, that they decide that a Munro Round must include Munro Tops as well.

D Crawford

Finished the year after i left the RAF…celebrated it on Ben Lomond, bottle of champers with my dog….sat there smiling as glaswegians voiced opinions about drinking on the hill. …..that in itself summed up having a name on a list…a personal acheivement….a different story if your on your 422nd round like yourself hevs.

T. Bradshaw

John Hind encouraged me to do them I think he had done all more than once… I became obsessed… All we had was three A4 sheets that were run off but a guy in the SWO’s office… Still Have mine… Took John many years to become a member of the SMC… As he said it is not what you have done but who you know….and that is still true today!… His advice was ” Get on the Hill and enjoy it”….

T. Shiperly

My dad and I have compleated but no silly bureaucracy for us!

Thanks to all your views are important!

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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5 Responses to The Munros – I wonder how many have climbed them all and not registered with the Clerk Of the Munro Lists?

  1. Allan Young says:

    Good to see the single 1985 entry on the Munro Board!

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  2. k1nley says:

    Lots of unregistered completists I suspect.

    “To me if you climb the Munro’s why not complete the tops as well?”…….for us it was the lure of smaller, quieter hills in the Corbetts and Grahams (we’d already transferred our attentions there years before I visited the last unascended Munro). Then on to hillwalking without an agenda.

    The Tops are an interesting list mind you.

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  3. Simon Glover says:

    Hi Dave, You are probably aware that Eric Maxwell of Dundee’s Grampian Club initiated the Munroists list in 1960, and updated it annually in the Grampian Club Bulletin up to March 1971 – when he closed his catalogue of 102 names. The authoritative figure these days, in addition to the work of the current SMC Munro Clerk of the List – Alison Coull, is Dave Hewitt who has undertaken extensive Munroist research over the last couple of decades or so. He may be able to offer you more details on this matter, and can be contacted: .

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