It was another early start yesterday and my second eye op in Glasgow at the Eye Clinic. After a thorough check in my eye that was in good order that was done yesterday All was fine. The next operation went well and I was out in the morning with my now customary patch over my eye. The operation is incredible technology so efficient and I must have signed about 100 signatures explaining I know the risks.

The world is so worried about being sued. Imagine on a Rescue if we had to sign for every dangerous situation ? Or in Mountaineering ? What has happened in this world?

I had a good wander round Glasgow again and a lazy afternoon. The eyes were a bit sore but hopefully I will get the all clear today.

It seems to have gone well and just the ritual of eye drops 4 times a day to sort.

I had to have my eyes done as the Cataracts were getting worse and impending on my hills and life. Sadly the NHS cannot keep up with the operations and it would have meant another winter of worsening eyesight. I get great joy reading and writing but reading was out (using audible books) and writing getting harder to type.

I had a big fall last winter in failing light coming of the Cairngorms and that was my “eye opener ”

Cycling was also out as well and night driving not on. Hopefully all this will all be available again once my eyes settle.

Living on your own is not easy as I had to leave lights on as my sight got worse at night. It was all minor stuff but can get you down and you have to remain cheerful while others are out in the wild.

I was lucky that I could do something it cost a lot but there are so many who struggle and cannot afford to go Private. The world can be an unfair place at times yet the NHS does so much great work for so many. Yet it could do so much more if it had the resources.

It’s sad to see Glasgow with so many beggars in the street society can be so cruel. We seem to have gone backwards despite our modern society and the improvements in living standards in so many ways.

I have been offered so much help from so many and if I get the all clear will get a lift from Aviemore of the bus. I love Glasgow it’s busy and friendly but like all cities to busy for me everyone is on their phones rushing about city life I suppose. I cannot wait to get home and out on the hills and walk along the Coast and the sea .

I am so lucky to be reasonably fit sadly I have a few pals with Cancer just now. They both mean so much to me. My little problem is nothing yet they both show great courage and it’s a reminder how important health and good friends and family support are.

“Health is wealth” and so is the courage to face illness and get well. I learn every day and I am thankful for such incredible folk in my life.

Take care and again thanks to all.

About heavywhalley.MBE

After dinner speaker Lecturer and Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to That is both eyes done a bit sore but hope to travel home this afternoon.u

  1. Donald Watt says:

    Hi Heavy hope this solves your problem. NORA had both cataracts done a few years ago with no problems since. Have booked our harbourside cottage first week in Sept looking forward to it, maybe see you then . Cheers Donald

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