It is incredible to be out on the hills in great weather. I was tired from a big slow day on two Corbett’s. It was so warm but enjoyable and the fun of being out on these hills again was just what I had been dreaming of over a long winter.

My feet hurt as I need new training shoes mine are knackered but they would manage the day. I prefer Running shoes in summer they are for the hill and have been good friends.

I had a big blister so out came the Compeed it worked but the feet were sore.

The body aches yet it was great to be up away early the bunkhouse at Strontian. I had a big dormitory all on my own so was on the hill just after 0630.

It’s a short drive to the start of the hill just before the Ferry. It was another fine day and I was taking my bike to travel up Glen Gour another great wild Glen.

Top tip

I had plenty of fluid the night before to rehydrate very important after a hot day.

I managed to park near the gate for the entrance to Glen Gour and got the bike up and enjoyed a few miles on the rough track to save my feet.

The track is not bad but there are some really rough bits but the views all the way up the Glen the Loch the trees and the birds singing and just solitude.

I tend if on my own to be a lot more careful on the bike a fall off and you can get hurt same on the hill.

This is a wild Glen with views all the way of this amphitheatre of grand mountains. There is so much rock , wild cliffs and huge space. There is so much unclimbed rock about and I had a pal climbing in the area. I found this after my visit. So any of you young stars get out there and explore.

Loch Nan Ghabar

It was time to leave the bike and wander up the Glen. The midges were out now so it was keep walking. Note sort out midgey net.

I passed a few ruins of cottages on the way all the time you follow the river. Folk lived and worked up here all that is left is the ruins.

In spate this river can be uncrossable not today it was so dry and it was easy to cross the river just a trickle today.

Easy river crossing.

It was then head up the first hill Stob an Ullit Dharraich it’s steep and very craggy and in poor weather this could be hard.You can pick lines up the rock that is everywhere it’s complex ground. This would be tricky ground to search an again on my own I picked some easy rock it was so warm and dry to climb. I was also in the breeze and away from the midges.

It was not as hot now so perfect walking and views. I even put a top on. It’s steep and interesting walking and the odd scramble and takes the mind off the hill and my tiredness,

Lots of interesting ways up the hill on warm rock . This area of Modairt and Ardgour is inspiring.

After the first top it’s easier walking and you can see the summit about 3 kilometres away. I saw plenty of frogs struggling for water and a few deer there were no burns higher up all were dry. I have rarely seen it so bad. I also saw a lot of small lizards scuttling when I was walking.

I was aware there may be adders about.

The sky was blue and as I got higher the panorama of the great Munro’s came into view. I was happy where I was and stopped for some drink and food it had been hard going but now on the open ground I was happy.

I followed a few sheep paths met a couple of really hairy sheep. They and the deer picked a great line to the beleach. Again I had a break and now the pull to the summit.

photo –

Looking down towards the Loch and the Start of the day from the summit.

Summit Video.

This video doesn’t exist

I sat and took it all in the top picked out the summits and Ben Nevis and the Glencoe hills looking majestic. I could have fallen asleep again but needed to head back.

I returned the same way I could have descended down to the Glen but was fearful of the midges. Staying high was great I had a breeze great views.

Top tip : I always try to text when on the summit and did that then headed down.

The route is interesting and care needed going through the crags and steep grass. It would be tricky in bad weather and in the dark interesting. I had plenty of time had a look about and headed for the river. I could see my walk out all the time.

Complex ground m

I came down a grassy Gully tricky through cliffs where a slip is easy to do. I took my time and was soon heading for the river.

I was soon down by the river filled the water bottles and had a cool down. It was then a walk along the river bank the bluebells and trees made this a special place.

Great river walk.

It was so warm I slowed down the midges were gone and I was back on the track and back to the bike. My feet needed the break and I was back pedalling to the car.

Sundew midge eating !

I was back at the car and sorted then off to the ferry a short hop across and a visit to a pal. We had a brew and a catch up then home.

I did this wee video for Mental heath awareness week please look after each other. We all know someone who is struggling and maybe if they are brave enough to speak to you and get help it may make a difference .

This video doesn’t exist

It was another great walk back I stopped for chips in Grantown on Spey. I think I had earned them.

Sadly on the way home the smoke from the huge moor fire near Dunphail was awful. It’s burned for days now and causing mayhem with the wild life. I hope the rain that’s here now helps stop it.

Please be careful when out in the wild places a fire can happen anywhere just now !

This video doesn’t exist

Mountain Aid are a small charity that do a lot for Mountaineers.They are trying to raise funds by climbing all the Corbett’s in May.

They still have a few to climb can you help by finding a hill you are going to do in May.

See their Facebook page for options .

Corbetts for Courses donations

Donations for Corbetts for Courses may be made by the following methods

PayPal Giving Fund

Virgin Money Giving

Bank Transfer – please contact us on for details

Cheque payable to Mountain Aid – please contact us on for postal address

Please quote the reference C4C with your donation.

Anyone donating £25 or more will be entitled to claim a free Mountain Aid buff (see photo). Please email us at with address to send your buff.

Mountain Aid: the hillwalkers’ charity

Registered charity SC040294

Really tired now easy weekend get sorted pleased that I got round two good days long overdue. My eyes seem to be coping after my ops but have to wait to get prescription for reading glasses once they settle in a few weeks. Hence all the spelling mistakes sorry but it may get better.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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