Thinking time. Photo K. Wilkinson

It’s funny I get great photos from folks on the hills, climbing, walking and on the sea in the wild places. I love seeing them.

My photo sent at the weekend by Dan of the Cioch in Skye. Photo Dan Carrol

I do not get out so much but treasure every day despite that it takes longer to recover from the odd illness and age. I never get jealous that others are doing the things I still want to do. There is so much being done and that is magic.

Yet I love seeing what folk are up to. It takes you back and the memories come flooding back. It’s still fun giving advice on routes and climbs and despite modern technology you can still give out some good information.

It’s so important for me to still get out and climb walk and visit wild places. It’s so important for well being and health.

This year has been hard with losing my sister and others. Folks say it’s the age we are in yet it seems to be sad news most weeks. After these events it makes you take stock.

Yet there are so many things to do. So many places to return to and to see.

If anything keeps coming back to me is get out and enjoy life. I am so lucky my grandkids are a lot nearer and I can help and seeing a bit more of them.

I love meeting them at their school and sharing their tales.

I missed all this with Yvette and Ashleigh chasing a life that took over everything. At the time looking back was it worth it?

Yet I can only enjoy the present and I am surrounded by good friends. Life is good when we leave we can take nothing with us.

It was sisters Jennifer’s birthday yesterday sadly she passed away a few years ago suddenly. I miss her like my elder sister Eleanor who I lost this year . We never know when it our time is up and it’s so important to show how you feel about those you love.

So many of us spend time getting “stuff” yet in the end none of it is important. Surely it’s better to look after those we love, spend time with them than have so much in the end that means so little?

When I go on the mountains or wild places I get plenty of thinking time . It’s my way of sorting things out. I am lucky to have such places to go and the health to enjoy it still.

Thoughts .

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Thoughts

  1. Chris Moore says:

    I agree entirely David. Although finding a balance is not easy, chasing wealth and stuff can seem to lead to a better life once you get there; the thing we learn with age is that we might not have so much time to “get there.” I love the mountains and I get there as often as I can, but my loved ones don’t share the interest, so I have a conflict to manage, yet another balance I must maintain. While I cannot go to the mountains as often as I might like I have found that I love sharing others’ experiences and I love helping more people gain the peace of the mountains. I don’t live through their adventures, I relish helping them happen from afar.
    Peace ⛰🙏

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