Remembrance week – after all the parades how do we look after our Service men and women today ?

Thanks for the comments on my blogs during this Remembrance week each day I did a piece on Aircraft Crashes in the Mountains. It’s good to remember these places and to get away from the crowds and remember those who gave so much. I do not like crowds so I like to get into these wild places on my own.

Beinn Eighe

This is my way of thinking of those who gave so much. I visit many crash sites all over Scotland not just at this time but all year when I can. This is my way of paying tribute to these brave folk.

I find it interesting and wonder how many after the Remembrance parades think about the ultimate sacrifice so many made. Sadly today in the Military many are still suffering. I find it hard that despite the politicians being present at all these so Public parades and Services little is still being done for our Servicemen and women.

The old memorial at Assynt

Many who still struggle with PDSD and other illnesses ! Many are homeless yet there is little help available there was supposed to be a “Military Covenant” what happens to that?

So when the medals are put away for another year and we remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Let’s ask all the politicians of all parties when they chase your vote at the door in the coming weeks what they are doing for servicemen and women ?

There is more to Remembrance than a once a year parade and a media soundbite?

These comments are not meant to upset people but to try to improve the current situation for Service folk.

Angus Jacks photo of the memorial the crew are buried here.

My good friend Angus Jack sent me this photo of his visit yesterday to the crash site of the Anson in Assynt. I have written often about this place and the fight to get this grave acknowledged by the powers that be. Angus sent me a few photos of the new headstone and I thank him. I will visit soon this winter. I did over 10 trips to Assynt when I was pushing to get this completed. It was well worth it.

Thank you Angus who also cleaned the algae of the memorial. He also laid a wreath .

The headstone and an Engine in the background. Photo Angus Jack

Comments welcome .

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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