Staying Alive – Andy Kirkpatrick Podcast.

Many will have heard of Andy Kirkpatrick he is some man but in his latest podcast he takes no prisoners its called “Staying Alive” If there is a man who should know about this its Andy.

In the podcast its starts slowly but once he gets to the main theme he takes no prisoners. Sadly even recently another top climber died in an abseiling accident and they can happen, so its worth listening to what he says. Andy is an elite mountaineer yet much what he says is common sense. His tips on backing up every abseil are spot on. I do not climb much now but was a bit worried about how few use a safety prussick/device when abseiling. Simple checks not matter how good you are its well worth listening to. It will help you simply stay alive in the mountains.

5 days ago · 1 hr 7 min · (46.2 MB)

Climber, writer and monologist (Google it), Andy Kirkpatrick talks about his experiences on not dying in the mountains.


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In winter when the weather gets rough or you have to get off, be careful take the time to check belays abseil points and your and your partners gear. Mistakes happen usually after a route when your tired and not thinking straight. If your the main man or women make sure someone checks you as well. No one is perfect.

Glencoe abseil – KMRT

I learned this on an early attempt on the Skye ridge on the Drums when I was 18 nearly abseiling off on my gear cord on the old Willians harness. I was lucky my mate Tom MacDonald spotted it and warned me. Simple checks, save lives.

Check what your abseiling off better to leave new tat than loose your life? What price on a life?

Andy in his piece states just think of the mess you leave behind for your family, friends and those you love if it all goes wrong. Few mention the effects on what can happen if it all goes wrong as we chase our selfish dreams. Be safe and take care and take your time to check and catch up on modern practises.

Be around to enjoy the hills.

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Abseil things change!

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