Thinking Time. Looking back / The Monach Isles.

On the way back from a trip to the St Kilda we visited the Monach Isles

I was on our way home after an incredible 5 day trip to St Kilda.

The Cuma /

We were on the MV Cuma and had incredible weather and were so well looked after by Murdo and the crew. Fully recommended.

One of the joys of a sailing break in the Outer Hebrides is being able to visit uninhabited outlying islands such as the Monach Isles (Heisker) – a National Nature Reserve.

Scottish Islands – Hamish Haskell – Smith a great insight into the Islands.

This low lying group of islands with undisturbed machair, rare carpet flowers and a large breeding grey seal population…

The Monach Isles superb weather.

I thought that St Kilda was a wonderful place especially in the weather we had. Yet to visit the Monach Isles was incredible. The wildlife huge wild sheep and the lighthouse made this a great visit.

Our skipper had us up very early leaving from St Kilda as the weather was breaking later in the day and we spent a few hours on the Island before heading for home.

Then the weather broke as we headed home and the storm came early. I will not forget it was wild a few hours after this photo was taken. It made you feel how fragile you are as we made it safely back to our harbour.

This is from my diary “The Cuma anchored off the Monachs We were heading to the Monach Islands about 4 hours away and the sea was calm we watched St Kilda vanish into the distance. The Monarchs are a group of 5 small Islands which lie about 5 miles West of North Uist and Benbecula. They are uninhabited for most of the time. Three of the islands are connected at low tide. At one time all 5 Islands were connected but in the 16 century an enormous tidal wave swept away the sandbanks! We landed by the lighthouse and had a wander the along the white shell sand beaches were wonderful .There was a wreck of a ship nearby a rusting hulk torn apart by the wild storms and also huge Island sheep still with their winter coat. The great sand dunes and am hair make this a wild place. We met some kayakers in this paradise and then wandered about taking the rib to another island. Here it was more of the same nobody about and we crossed the island to more beaches that you dream about – white sands and more seals and birds. There were thousands of Orchids deep blue and very small light blue butterfly and so much white beaches with no one about. It was time for a paddle in the sea then back on board the Cuma for our evening meal. The forecast is for poor weather tonight so we are sailing back to Loch Roag tonight. The view from the boat was magnificent. We sailed way leaving this special place to the seals birds and wild life! Eating our meal to this vista of the white sands of the Monach Islands it was hard to believe a big storm was due that night.”

A great book!

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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