1976 Day 12 May 20 North to South Sron A’Choire Ghairbh, Meall na Teanga – Spean Bridge and a night in the railway station.

Day 12 May 20   

The day of no bothy Green fields. We had been promised a bothy at Spean Bridge but at the last minute it had fallen through.

 Sron a ’Choire Chairbh, Meall na Teanga – Spean Bridge . We left Greenfields early it is a beautiful place at the back of the Glengarry Forest and the plan was the Corbett Ben Tee and the Loch Lochy Munros Sron A Choire Garbh and Meall Na Teanga. It is great to be out of the forest and a new way up old favourite hills. This is big country and great to see a new aspect to these popular hills, I wonder how many come this way? The normal route from the A82 from the Laggan Locks takes you through some forestry but not today we are at the other side of the hill today. There are few paths coming from this side until we reach the hills. It is a very steep but great ridge walking and I enjoyed the views along the Meal Na Teanga ridge and the wild descent to Clunes battering on the knees and all more new ground. High winds and more snow we are battered and nearly drop off at the beleach due to the weather but push on.

Meal Na Teanga.

We sign the wee book hidden under snow on the summit hidden in a tin. The ridge walk was great and these hidden Corries are full of deer and we see many hares, we have yet to meet anyone on the hill!  We are rewarded with a great view in the clearing of the big hills ahead and Loch Lochy.  We have no bothy planned today the bothy has fallen through so we will have to bivy at Spean Bridge and after a long walk and a stop at the Commando Memorial to reflect and see the day ahead on Ben Nevis and the big Four. We manage a pint and some food in the pub but cannot get a bothy for the night. In the end we sleep at the railway station at Spean Bridge and are sleepless all night bivy as the trains arrive early. The freindly guard let us have the waiting room as long as we were away by the first train. We had some food in the pub nobody spoke we must have smelled and I dropped my wallet but found it later. The night in the railway station was hard going. My knee was hurting and I felt  bit low. It was a big day planned for tomorrow.   The Anoachs, Carn mor Dearg Arete and Ben Nevis.

Distance 19 miles and 5000 feet of ascent. Munro Total 2 Consolidated Munros  35

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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