Day 14 North – South Walk a well deserved day off in Fort William.

Day 14 May 22

 A well-deserved  day off at Fort William what a relief shower in the swimming pool   and some great food in Fort William, sort the kit and dry the boots and a trip to the launderette to wash the smelly gear, bliss. We had lots of space in the ATC Hut to sort the gear out air the sleeping bags and patch our kit. I went to the doctor he said my cartilage was knackered I should stop or have problems for life, I never told the rest and kept my silence. I also had another problem  with a spot on my bum but that needed lanced, no wonder I was feeling unwell he said.  

1976 ATC HUT Fort William North – South Walk sorting out the gear, drying the kit.

It was great to phone home and update the family, no mobile phones in these days. The RAF Kinloss MR team would arrive that night for the weekend and we planned the biggest day of the trip the entire Mamore Ridge and its 10 Munros next. My knee was pretty sore and swollen but the day off was badly needed for me. Jim and Paul were going well. We had an early night, the bothy was noisy with the troops enjoying Fort William and the Friday night dance, we had a big day planned and an early start. The weather forecast was good so we would have a good day for the adventure. I knew the ridge well and Jim was worried if I would cope.

1976 Heavy ATC Hut N – S walk

The day flew by we had a lot of packing to do sort out the food. On the hill we ate chocolate in these days Jim would eat bars of it every day on one big day he ate 10 bars. I could not eat it so if it was a long day I had some sweets. Breakfast was porridge and tea evening meal was soup packet and tinned meat and mash. Very simple no fruit or veg in these days. When we hit a shop we would grab anything we could. Food was always a subject and on our day off did we eat and would have clean and dry clothes to wear at last. Even the boots were drying out. It would be an early start for the Mamores Jim said that maybe I should get someone to come with me as I may hold Paul and him back so when the Team arrived I got two volunteers most of the team hide.

I had to sort out a plan to ensure I would be with them for the rest of the walk after the Mamores.

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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