Day 18. May 26 – Bridge Of Orchy Railway station Benn Dorain and Beinn an Dothaidh to Succouth Lodge.

 It was a night of broken sleep a long at the Station, few trains pass through so no one was about when we arrived or left. I was a very basic bivouac in the station and we were off early, I find it hard to believe that we coped with such nights.

Today’s hills were straight above the Station Beinn Dorian so well-known as it sweeps up from Bridge of Orchy and with its conical shape makes it one of the better known mountains in Scotland.  The weather was fine and again great views all day.  From the station you cross under the railway line by an underpass and then up to the beleach.

A few years before.

We climbed Beinn Dorain first and then back to the beleach and onto Beinn an Dothiadh and its North East Corrie with its classic ice climbs Taxus and others. We had been in here that winter helping Glencoe Mountain Rescue Team in some climbers stuck in a gully. It was an interesting call –out at the time, getting a rope down to them over the large cornice in wild weather. I have climbed the four Munros here on many occasions since and in winter they are a hard day with a walk out from the last two. Beinn Achaladair and in summer we would add Beinn Mhanach to make it even longer. I have great memories of these hills and few call –  outs  and climbs in its big Corries. This is a big day Beinn Dorain (1076m, Munro 64) Beinn an Dothaidh (1004m, Munro 129)

 We headed back down the beleach and back to pick up our gear we had hidden near the underpass it was great to travel light over these two good Munros. From here it was along the A82  and then down the lovely quiet road following the river Orchy to a real bothy at Succoth Lodge just below Beinn A’ Chleibh and a big day on the Ben Lui hills.

The keeper had given us the use of a bothy and it was great to get sorted after yesterday’s night in the station, we were in bed early and slept the sleep of the just.

Maybe we would see our final hill Ben Lomond tomorrow?  It was only 3 days away all being well!

Distance 19 miles and ascent 3886 feet of ascent.

Munros 2 Total Munros so far 55.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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