Looking back on a strange few months.

It’s been a long time since I was on the hills but though I miss them so much my bike has been such a great pal over the last few months. I have mentioned before that when the tides allow a cycle along my local beach. It is great to see the waves and be so close to the water. The water last week was full of pollen and it looked luminous as the waves broke. Every day is different.

Pollen in the sea.

Most days though my cycle is through the forest there are few folk about and it’s got some great tracks. The wildlife is incredible the birds even a woodpecker in the early days with its constant drumming. I see roe deer watching in the forest and there is even a bird hide to visit. I rarely rush taking it all in enjoying the smells of the trees and the cut wood waiting to be moved on. There is little rubbish about but most days I will pick up the odd plastic bottle a sad part of modern life. I have a rubbish bag with me and have picked up several Disposable foil Barbecues from the beach left by idiots. Why oh why? The trees in the forest are magnificent and after the rain the smell they produce is incredible. As is the “broom” or gorse it is so yellow just now and full of smells it’s wonderful. I have done the odd short videos for the girls to help with there home schooling.

I thought I would get my book sorted but my head was not there. There were to many other things going on in my head but it gives you plenty of time to think. Most will be honest to say there have been ups and downs some days. Motivation could be low but getting out in the fresh air gets you motivated no matter what the weather as is keeping active. The mind clears and the physical exercise even at my pace clears the mind and the body.

So every day I have cycled or walked locally been so lucky with the weather up here and the area we live in. I have not had even one drink during these days since the shutdown in March. I have tried to keep the blog going and I am amazed by the responses I get. Unfortunately some folk get so wound up it’s difficult not to react. Maybe they have to much time on their hands.

My mountain bike is just a normal mountain bike second hand it is not the fat tyres one. It does the job though and I enjoy it. Sadly I will be hoping to sell my road bike it’s in great condition. It is a Specialised and I love it but I am still not right with my breathing as awaiting a scan in hospital. Hopefully once things calm down I will get my appointment back from hospital.

My bike

I have missed my family they are all getting older and live a long way off. My Grandkids are down South and though we chat regularly it is hard going. My pals have been great but not seeing folk is hard as is the lack of physical contact with those you hold dear. Yet I am so lucky that so far the Covid 19 has not hit any close to me. So many others have not been so lucky. My village is great and has been superb in the crisis there is so much care, kindness and love. This is why I cannot listen to those who moan about minor things when there is such tragedy about. I think we have all learned a lot over the last few months and there may be more to come.

What will the new normal be like. I have no clue but just to be close to those I love and give them a hug will be good enough for me.

Stay well, stay safe and look after those you love.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Looking back on a strange few months.

  1. pete kirkpatrick says:

    I too have appreciated my ‘bike’ friend which has allowed me to get to happy places around my area and inside my head. So contact with nature is tremendous. It’s contact with people in some beyond social distancing I now crave. Take care Heavy.

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