Can you help – #Takithame ?

There is a lot in the media just now highlighting the Rubbish left all over the country. The hills and wild places are similar. We can all do our bit by picking up litter and taking it home. We can try to educate others especially the younger folk who in the main are very good about leaving “nothing but footprints”

During the Lock down I brought lots of rubbish back from my daily exercise cycles and walks. I carried a small rucksack and panniers on my bike with a rubbish bag . As things changed so did the quantity of rubbish I brought back We can all do our bit and keep this land clean and tidy ?

Let’s keep these places clean and tidy

It’s great to see Mountaineering Scotland are asking hill walkers and climbers to help keep Scotland’s hills and mountains clear of litter and to ‘Tak It Hame’.

Tak It Hame 2020 is being launched as coronavirus lockdown eases and the lifting of travel restrictions has seen much publicity about littering and ‘dirty camping’ in some of Scotland’s most popular beauty spots.

Following the success of Tak It Hame in 2019, it had been planned to relaunch the campaign in early spring to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Mountaineering Scotland. But due to the Coronavirus lockdown, that was put on hold along with all outdoor activities. 

Now that travel restrictions are lifted and with the re-opening of tourism in Scotland, Tak It Hame aims to support the national anti-littering campaign ‘Scotland is stunning – let’s keep it that way’ by encouraging everyone who goes walking or climbing in Scotland’s hills to take responsibility for keeping our world-renowned mountain landscapes beautiful by taking litter home for proper disposal and recycling. The message is simple – “If we don’t do it, who will?”

Davie Black, Access and Conservation Officer for Mountaineering Scotland said: “When we launched the Tak It Hame campaign alongside our Conservation Strategy in June 2019, we hoped that our members and clubs would get involved and that it might start to reach the wider hill-walking and mountaineering community. In fact, it reached much further than we ever expected, with people from all over Scotland and the UK contacting us and wanting to get involved.

“Many of Mountaineering Scotland’s affiliated clubs organised litter picks, and many individuals – both members and non-members – shared photos on social media of the litter they had removed from the hills, using the #TakItHame hashtag. It was really encouraging to see how people got behind the campaign and that’s why we are keen to get it back up and running again this year.”

Hill-goers are encouraged to take a suitable bag in their backpack each time they venture out, which they can use to take litter away for recycling or disposal. As part of the campaign, Mountaineering Scotland is also asking people to think about how they could reduce their use of packaging for drinks, snacks and packed lunches, and find alternatives to single use plastics and food wrap.

Find out more about #TakItHame

We can all help !# Takithame

How do we change things? I am sure the throw away culture at open air concerts where folk leave everything does not help? Maybe some of the big bands playing could change things so that a message to #takithame maybe be the way forward?

Comments welcome

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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