Poem by the Tour de Dunphail winner. A Corbett in Affric Carn a Choire Garbh in the local Dialect.

The old White bothy Affric

I have always enjoyed poetry and I was on the hill with the “Poet Laureate frae Dunphail”. We had a great day in the rain that involved a cycle up the Affric track a hidden stalkers path a new Corbett for Babs and a poem! In all a great day.

The Dunphail poet Laurate!

Oot tae the hills wi ma auld freen Heavy

Thank God he’s no a man for the bevvy!

Prior to this we’d made a good plan

But this meant nowt tae the man wi the van!

I turned up to meet him at the time we’d agreed

For aince he wis late, nae quite up tae speed

A’ve got twa bikes here Quine, he announces wi pride

We’ll head for the hill, but first there’s a ride!

Ah’ve nae got a helmet! I shrieked, feeling scared

Dinna fash  yersel Quine, Ah’ve come weel prepared

He produces a helmet fur me, Ah’d tae go

Ah weel, it’s a thocht, I’ll jist go with the flow!

We arrived in Glen Affric about quarter tae nine

I convince masel that it’ll a’be fine

I pedal roond the car park tryin tae work the gears

If I figure it oot on flat grun, it might allay ma fears!

Faffin wis deen, and time to go then

Thinkin – nae long tae go, we’ll be there by ten 

Cycling up a roch track on a bike I didna ken

The steep hills went up and doon, time and time again

But when the mighty peaks of Glen Affric came into view

Mam Sodhail, Carn Eighe – and in Kintail, majestic Ciste Dubh

The moanin wis  ower, I wis feeling so blessed 

Let’s take in these hills, Heavy, stop for a rest!

Carn A’Choire Gairbh wis the hill we climbed the day

A hidden track the chosen route to help us on oor way

The hidden path

The weather wisna kind tae us, the rain, the win, the mist,

I wisna affa bothered though, this hill was on ma list!

Up on top the mist a cleared, although it wis real cal

We took oor photos o’ each other, Heavy’s such a pal!

Selfish Corbett

The hills we saw, the memories, o’ days when we were younger, 

When off we went to climb  Munros wi a passion and a hunger!

Far too chilly tae hing aboot

We were needin oor piece, there wis nae doot,

Doon we went to a place o shelter

Sandwiches eaten, we felt much better

The stalkers’ path wis good, nae roch,

In nae time at a’, we were back at the loch

Back at the van

We picked up oor bikes, oor helmets pit on

Rarin to go fur the final push home

Efter a while, I could hear Heavy cry

“Ma chains come aff!”, he wis getting quite high

He’d had some new troosers fur a metter o weeks

But bikin boy had ripped his breeks!

Catastrophes ower, we pedalled on back

Five mile doon the lochside, we reached the car park

The van ,the toilet, a haven tae see

We finished oor day wi a great cup of tea!

B Kizewski, 11/7/20

Dedicated to my freen Heavy!

Thanks I await the next instalment !

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Poem by the Tour de Dunphail winner. A Corbett in Affric Carn a Choire Garbh in the local Dialect.

  1. Love the poem Babs. Please pass on my regards to Mike. It’s been many years since l lived in The Braemoray Cottage and visited you guys over Christmas or was it New Year.

    Liked by 1 person

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