Elgin City Football club, then a drive to the West Coast Via Torridon. A potholed busy road and a pair of sea Eagles,

I usually golf yesterday but it was pouring most of the night and I gave it a miss. This was a mistake as within an hour the sun was out. Sadly I heard of the flooding lightening storms and later the tragic train crash. My thoughts are with those who lots family and friends and the Rescue Agencies involved. Nature can be so cruel at times?

I had lots to do and was heading over to Applecross later that day. So I managed to catch up with some admin.

I had a Chropodist appointment in Elgin with Pure Podiatry my feet are battered from years of neglect and hill days. It was my second trip during COVID and they looked after me well thank you all.

Top tip – look after your feet. The treatment is done just now in Elgin at the Football ground of Elgin City, Borough Brigs.

I met an old pal from the RAF days Graham Tatters who is the Chairman of the club. We had a great catch up and he has his hands full during this crisis for the club. With no revenue hardly coming in I feel for the club and the town. As always Graham is upbeat and working hard to do his best for Elgin City. I wish them well.

Graham Tatters

It was then the drive to Applecross the road from Kinlochewe through to Torridon is still awful with huge potholes all over. It’s single track and not designed for all the traffic it gets. Also so many vans on the road and lay-bys it’s so busy. It’s hard to let vans and cars pass and some folk are so rude.

A good bit of the road. The mighty Liathach.

Last year I reported this part of the road A896 in winter and its potholes as it is especially dangerous for bikes and motor cycles. The holes are big they are hidden in the rain but it seems to be forgotten? I will chase it up again with the Council. On my way back I will photograph them again.

The clouds looked ominous and dark but the summits cleared and as always the views were great. Most lay-bys had tents so near the road and it does cause a huge problem for passing especially for the locals. It is such a stunning area but it needs infrastructure and money spent. There has been so much written on this subject I will leave you to your own thoughts.

Money is being made by the NC 500 I wish those behind it would be more active in giving something back to the area. The Council has limited money, who will pay for the needed toilets, camping sites, car parking and road upgrades. For many years Council Tax was frozen by successive governments. Things need to be done. We are being told to Stay at home in Scotland please let’s find some cash to put things right.

The roof house!

I drove round the coast to Arrina where I am staying with a good friend. The last bit of road I met so many more bikes and vans it is so worth taking things carefully. There are many tight blind corners. The views across Loch Torridon were magical and Beinn Alligin always looks superb as does the cliffs of Diabeg across the water. Today they looked pink in the light. I always take a photo of the wee house with the Red Roof overlooking the loch it’s iconic. It’s a stunning area that needs urgent help.

My view thanks.

I eventually arrived and we sat outside until the midges arrived when the wind died. I was given a show by 2 Sea Eagles soaring their cry was so shirl and piercing yet they were so high up at times it was magical. I was told by my guru it was a young bird learning the ropes. I had a good look through the Bino’s magical . It was so worth the journey. We had a lovely meal a wander along the coast as the breeze came back sadly no sunset though but with a good forecast tomorrow fingers crossed.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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