Classic gear / Rucksacks various The Cuillin Rucksack made by Scottish Mountain Gear. Karrimor Outward Bound, Joe Brown, Troll, Mac, Pod, etc.

Who remembers this rucksack (above) what a great bit of kit. I am sure it was made of a design of Murray Hamilton one of the top climbers of his day

From a pal – Was that the one made by Scottish Mountain Gear? They’re still going.

In the team this was my first issued rucksack a very simple canvas bag with simple metal buckles leather and canvas straps no padding. We never carried that much and if you had the rope it went on the top. They wore well and lasted years I am sure they were just made for the RAF Teams?

1972 – Beinn Fhada or Beinn Attow with my issue sack. Stu MacKenzie with me sitting down with rope. A no frills rucksack!

The next Rucksack I remember was the Karrimor Outward bound. A very basic canvas bag with two pockets attached . No padding again even on the straps.

Jim Morning on Conival with the Karrimor Outward Bound Rucksack!

There was a huge range of Karrimor rucksacks around back 70’s then and this Outward Bound version was designed specifically for that market; simple, hard wearing and well priced.

After this I think we had the Troll rucksack issued. In bright Red with no pockets apart from on the top it was a hard wearing hill bag. The photo below is of the late Big Al McLeod on the North Face of the Eiger. Photo Ted Atkins.

The Red Troll Rucksack on the North Face of the Eiger a good climbing sack.

I bought so many rucksacks, I loved my MACPACK made in New Zealand it was great for expeditions but I lent it to someone never saw it again.

I am sure this is the MACPACK in use to Spantik in Pakistan.

The classic Joe Brown, the Haston Alpiniste were other rucksacks that I bought nowadays I never carry that much gear and even my hill bags are as light as possible and I like the bright colours. Others I have used the Pod, Hot Ice and many others.

Light, bright sack !

Comment D. WALKER

My original canvas Karrimore Alpenist lasted for years, replaced with the more modern one with plastic clip buckles in the 80s, however technological improvements in fabrics and back support soon overtook it.
The Troll, Trolltind made larger for MR was a great and simple climbing bag. With only the pocket in the lid it couldn’t have been more streamlined.

 Peter Weatherill, was it you that persuaded Troll to enlarge the bag for MR.?

Wee hill bags KMRT Photo

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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8 Responses to Classic gear / Rucksacks various The Cuillin Rucksack made by Scottish Mountain Gear. Karrimor Outward Bound, Joe Brown, Troll, Mac, Pod, etc.

  1. Do you remember the Karrimor Grand Tottie Sac that could carry 90 litres sold as the Karrimor Graham Tiso 90. A great sac that you lined with your karrimat and then piled your climbing gear in along with clothing, a 1 pint primus, pots, frying pan, food for weekend and still room for the bottle of wine or sherry! Unpadded shoulder straps.

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  2. I still have my Joe Brown that I bought in 1970. I used it last month for a very rainy overnight.
    I was issued an Outward Bound backpack on Arduous Training in the Brecon Beacons while I was in the school CCF – probably carrying more weight then at 15 or 16 than ever since. Then I used an OB when I did Outward Bound a year or so later. Oh the aching shoulders! That led to my investment in the JB. I loved its foam filled straps and the way the bottom of the sleeping mat rested on my butt and the (very thin) waist belt let me share the weight between shoulders and hips. Thanks to the safety equipment fitter at Leuchars who reattached the waist belt! The tall extension reassured me that it could be part of a survival bag into which to insert legs while using a cagoule as the top half. All this in 1970. But what useless detachable pockets! And the zip on the red bag that perched on top to hold knick-knacks is bust. I need someone with a heavyweight sewing machine.


  3. David says:

    Great stuff here. I loved the old Trolltind. Never has there been another sack like that. Thanks for doing this.

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  4. another one I like and still use is the KIMM sack – very light material, designed for lightweight competitors on the two-day Karrimor International Mountain Marathon – the one where you had to be able to overnight camp and cook; some folks took two matches and a striker from a box of matches, wrapped in clingfilm as their means of ignition. The KIMM sack had two pouches on the waist belt and stretchy net on the back and top. It’s still perfect to a day sack n a day when you expect no bad weather.


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