A short wander along the Coffin Trail / Kenmore / Arrina woodland footpath and Kenmore to Applecross

The stunning light at this time of year on the West coast

The coffin route to Applecross. 15 kilometres of walking .

I had a short but enjoyable wander yesterday from near my friends house on the Kenmore / Arrina woodland footpath and Kenmore to Applecross footpath.

At Kenmore there’s a small sign showing the path to Applecross where it leaves the road. There’s a bit of space at the roadside here where you can park. From here there is a sign for the path.

It follows a old track used for many hundreds of years by the locals folk to take their deceased to Applecross for burial. What a journey that must have been as teams of men carried their loved ones to their final resting place. Complete families villages would go it would be a hard journey. One could picture the scene and the effort involved.

Yesterday we saw no one on the track the Torridon peaks were topped with snow making the views even more stunning. The loch flat calm and no bitter wind. The views were ever changing as does the light at this time of year. We had picked a great day. My friend Kalie had got the weather spot on and she knows this walk so well and the local history.

We only walked a third yesterday enjoying the stunning views in great weather. The path is superb but sadly getting very cut up by mountain bikes now as more people discover these incredible places.

The Track in places getting eroded.

There is a headstone on the path no inscription just to remind you that for most years this was the route to Applecross across the hills past hidden lochs and ever changing views.

The headstone not inscribed but tells a tale.

The history of these trails are part of the history of this place I love. How do we preserve it and stop some of the heavy erosion by mountain bikes ?

Hopefully these places can be preserved and walkers and biker can ensure that they remain part of the history of this area?

We took it easy loving every minute at last I felt I could relax in this wild place.

Thanks to Kalie for showing me this lovely place and Islay the Collie for a fun walk.

We live in such an incredible country how lucky are we! Yet we must preserve this wonderful heritage that future generations can learn from the past.

As always comments welcome.

Both these paths are old coffin routes which were used in time past by burial parties going to Clachan church at Applecross Bay. There are various cairns along the route which indicate where the procession would have rested and possibly drank to the deceased. They are both very long coffin roads, so it is entirely understandable that people would need frequent rests along the way. The Applecross Heritage Centre has a bier in its collection, which was used to carry the coffin.

The coffin route was long the access to Applecross Bay from the north, before the coastal route was developed. The Applecross Landscape Partnership Schemehas plans to repair the route’s wrought iron kissing gates and renovate the stone waymarkers.

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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