As we enter another lockdown. Thinking of you all.

I have been over in the West in lockdown with. Friend who is in my bubble. We have been enjoying some exceptional weather when the new Lockdown measures were announced last night.

I am near Applecross and we had decided to walk up to Beleach Na Ba yesterday as the road was closed due to snow.

We knew new measures were coming later that day this would be our last day out. The weather was superb but bitter cold with no wind. The road usually busy with the “famous/ infamous NC 500 “ and had the snow gates locked from just outside Applecross.

There is no access from either side of the Beleach just now or will there be for a while. We decided to take advantage of this and wander up the road to the viewpoint at 2000 feet. We were amazed how incredible it was a road walk but into another world .

Gates locked

We entered a winter wonderland initially the road was covered in ice then as we got higher so much snow. To go off the road was murderous the snow was so deep so any plans to do so we’re scuppered we had to follow the road .

Walking of the road the snow was so deep and untouched and covered with animal tracks criss crossing in the snow. The animals were loving it and had the mountains to themselves. No cars or vans just a quite place to be. With incredible views of the sea and the mountains.

The higher we went the deeper the snow on the road but the views were exceptional. It was a day like no other Crystal clear but by now the sun was up giving us some warmth. All we could hear was the crunch of our boots in the snow. It was stunning, we entered the shade at times then it became bitter cold and as we got higher the snow deepened into drifts like frozen waves.

There were miles and miles of untouched snow with the sun making it glisten. Yet no one about bar a couple of locals and a single bike track. I could not believe we were walking on the road in such an incredible day.

At the deserted car park

From the top it was a pull up we could see Skye and the Islands Rum,Eigg and Jura looked incredible as did the saw toothed Cuillin. The snow amplified the beauty and we sat had lunch in awe of such a day.

As far as the eyes can see

It’s hard to believe this was just a road walk from sea level to 2000 feet. Then it was time to descend with Islay the Collie in front all day. She hardly went of the road all day such was the snows depth. We saw a few grouse and deer on our return journey.

We headed into a superb sunset I got a message that lockdown was imminent so we enjoyed every minute of the walk back.

By now Skye was so stunning in the distance. We saw the deer high on the ridge silhouetted against a yellow sky as we descended then they headed down into Applecross it was The West at its best .

The sky turned yellow and was magnificent showing Scotland at its finest. We would now be heading for another lockdown and things would change again🌞

End of the day.

It will be hard but we will see no one apart from a few delivery folk. They are vital for the locals. There will be no travel as such but my friend has so much beauty around her with the Coast at her doorstep. It will be a long month but has to be done. At least we have great memories of a special day at a strange time.

Sadly as we enjoy ourselves and maybe have a moan many folk are dying, the NHS is struggling and we all have to do the right thing. Stay safe and help others by keeping to what we are asked. It is also important to keep your spirits up.

Let’s hope that the vaccination system helps and all our friends and family stay safe and take great care. Please stay in touch with those on their own make that call look after each other and think of those less fortunate .

I will try to keep the blog going living past tales and will be thinking of you all.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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4 Responses to As we enter another lockdown. Thinking of you all.

  1. John Bainbridge says:

    Terrific pictures! We’ve missed crossing the border this year for Scottish mountain walks. Hope to be back before long. Stay safe!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. stevedsmart says:

    Always good to happen on unusual ways in which the familiar is suddenly made different like this. Great images.

    Liked by 1 person

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