What was your favourite clothing for mountaineering.

The Pixie

A great bit of gear was a simple thin wind stop top. I am sure it was designed for the artic was light and very effective in wind. I was issued with one of these in the very early 70,s.

With the Curlie boots

Then we got ventile jackets pull over with a big map pocket so robust. Though fairly heavy it was robust but froze in winter.

The Curlies were for the RAF specifically these boots made by Hawkins were very basic great summer boot worn with two pairs of socks. Rubbish with crampons as they were to bendy.

Our man Smoc wearing the red ventile jacket sea boot socks and breeks

Note the slings they were issued size 1,2,3 and 4 . Does anyone remember the breaking strain ?

1951 on the Frozen Loch Beinn Eighe photo Joss Gosling collection

The RAF team on Beinn Eighe in 1951 on the Lancaster crash this photo was taken in the middle of the Loch it was a wild winter.

On Observatory ridge late 50’ s the late Isn Clough very basic gear. Note the berry.
Ian Skye’s on the Lamp Cairngorms

When you look at the gear they had it’s amazing what they achieved and how well they climbed. Most lovely

I will be looking at more gear later. Breeches were commonly worn. My early ones were massive and froze on me like armour. Underneath we wore long Johns in the winter I wore pyjamas as they fitted better. Many got hold on the Fireman’s vest ( String vests) they were good. On top we had aircrew cotton shirts that I found cold on the wet. We all had aircrew jumpers but again wore home made woollen ones. If you had money a few had the fisherman’s jumper !

On the way to Knoydart Tartan shirt, string vest and gaiters !

Comments and photos welcome :At the Lodge in winter we all wore Double Ventile Jackets. A fantastic garment in a Dry cold environment. They were specially made for us by the company that made the Tents for British Antarctic Survey. Keith Geddes.

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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3 Responses to What was your favourite clothing for mountaineering.

  1. Once again, a lovely post that you bring up elements from the past, so we, the younger generation can learn from you!

    Thank you


  2. Ray Sefton says:

    Breaking strain of the slings:-
    No 1 1000 lb
    No 2 2000 lb
    No 3 3000 lb
    No 4 4,200 lb


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