Learning from Covid – looking after our elderly in Sheltered accommodation during Covid. Love and treasure the elderly.

Covid brings lots of changes in all our lives and the sadness continues, many have lost loved ones, freinds and family. Yet little is said about how it really effects those in our Old Folks Sheltered accommodation and Homes .

I dropped some bits and pieces of at the Old Folks home today. Just a few goodies for an old lady I known for years. Her family live abroad and due to Covid she lives eats and sleeps in her room has done nearly throughout all of Covid . It’s a lonely time for her. I spoke to her on the phone from the garden it was heart-breaking to leave, she was waving as I left.

I phone her every day as this apart from her carers and a call from her sons is the only communication she has. Sadly she is extremely lonely. By not speaking much her memory struggles she needs to have that chat and misses daily contact. She has poor hearing and her eyesight is failing. She cannot read any mail she gets and her life is the television. It’s a sad way to live. The home is so busy where she is and do there best but I wish someone in power would open their eyes these elderly folk have don so much.

I fully understand the need to protect our older generation during Covid but surely we can do more? She was a lifetime Church member religion means a lot to her but she only gets a newsletter that she cannot read from her church. Surely someone could ring her weekly. She did so much for the church when she was fit, taking folk to Church without cars and helping in various ways. With her husband did meals on wheels for years helping others. Due to her eyesight and hearing she cannot use a computer now why is it that these organisations think all the elderly have access and understand the internet.

I find in the UK many do not look after the older members in the family. I have travelled abroad often all over the world and the older generation are respected so much more. How do we change this attitude? We must do more and learn from this.

If asked she will say she is fine that is what that generation says but that is not true. She does not want to upset anyone and cause additional work. Yet she struggles daily and finds even when she is spoken to folk speak to fast and she cannot hear them.

I lost my Mum to Leukaemia and my Dad not long after. Thank goodness they do not have to live through this and it would be awful to see them in a home just now .My Dad was a minister his life was his people and he visited all the time especially his elderly folk. We as a family hardly saw him he was out visiting. Of course he could not do this now during Covid but he would have found a way to support our elderly and sick better than what is happening now,

They say things will ease once we all get our Covid injections but surely we can all do more. Maybe we should pick up the phone be a bit more tolerant and chat for a while. One day this will be us I hope things have improved by then ! It would be good if folk highlighted these problems to the authorities it’s the only way things may improve . Surely we can do better ? Please if you know someone like this please give them a call, spend time with them it could be you.

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“Love, care and treasure the elderly “

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Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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2 Responses to Learning from Covid – looking after our elderly in Sheltered accommodation during Covid. Love and treasure the elderly.

  1. alan says:

    You are so right in what you say here. It is sad the church has done so little for her.

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  2. Chris McQuigg says:

    Well said so true.

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