Best hill long days ? For your average hill Walker ?

Most of us remember our first hill day of the weather was good the views of mountains that went on and on. Many caught the Munro bug and the seed was set. You decided to climb more and more. For many the obsessions had started and the journey begun.

What your best long hill days? We all have memories. Over the years we had a board at RAF Kinloss with some great ideas of Big hill days. This was long before the glossy books came out of big Munro days to build up your hill fitness. The First Munro book was simple table of heights . The new one just published by the SMC a mine of information.

The new SMC Guide the Munro’s

I wish I had a copy of it now as we used to tick the long days off when we returned from a weekend. Our egos meant we added to them over the years and to many young troops one of these big hill days was a must do.

A Classic for walkers

Looking back how we went on Call outs after some big days I will never stop being amazed by. Yet these were the days you remember sitting on a summit looking into the distance of the hills you have just climbed.

We had to carry full Mountain Rescue kit, in later years I used “Walsh running shoes”ending up on the odd Call out after a helicopter pick up. Arriving on scene with limited gear much to the amusement of others.

These are some of the best in my view and fading memory. Many involved Alpine starts and planning. It’s all so easier now with the superb articles, books on the Munro’s.

First time in Knoydart

Skye Ridge without doubt the best day or 2 day adventure in the Uk .

Great guide book and a big help to many.

Fisherfield 5/6 – long hard and remote add in An Teallach for more pain.

Fannichs 9 the last 2 on there own hurt a few leave at the beleach character building?

Beinn Dearg 5

North Clunnie – The Five Sisters of Kintail rise dramatically from the northern side of Glen Shiel. Combined with their easterly neighbouring Munros, up to 9 Munros can be bagged in one outing.

South Clunnie plus Saddle and Sgurr Na Sgine best way up to menvia the Saddle one troop when only expecting to do the 7 said when at the Beleach of Sgurr Na Sgine “this is another MR ego trip”

The Torridon Trilogy Beinn Eighe, Liathach and Alligin plus all the tops. I loved that day did it 3 times .

The great Glens – Strathfarrar, Cannich Affric so many big hills in wild country. So many combinations of exceptional hills.

Cairngorm 6 – the classic Braeraich – Cairngorm day add in Carn Na Mhain

Beinn Alder 6 wild country bike essential .

Ben Nevis 4 – the classic Ben Nevis to the Aonachs

Mamores 10 – My favourite day one of many memories used that day often as a test of fitness.

Etive hills first time I did them all we carried a Blacks Mountain Tent I went lightweight after that.

Ben More 7 – surpassingly hard day

Knoydart 3 – Easier if you get the boat in wonderful hills in a great location.

Lawyers 7

Glenshee 9 / so many combinations

Steve Fallon does a great piece on his website › multi-mu…Top 10 multi-Munro bagging days – Steven Fallon

I look back and think of these incredible days. Many were done again and again often with the dog.

Skye Ridge traverse

Later on we ( the dog and me) would do Tranters Round and the North and South Clunnie to together in a day.

Nowadays there are so many incredible record breaking days. Every year hill records are broken and the hills have now so many runners on them. You rarely saw a runner in my early days on the hill. You knew most of them at the time. Running when fit on the hill was an wonderful experience .

The South Clunnie 9 Munros and Teallach with his autumn coat he did these hiills in a oner 12 times, What a machine.

Folk regularly post on media the times that they run these great days. Strava and other methods of doing the hills are king for many.

In my youth wearing trainers Walshes!

Things are very different now but your first big hill day day be it 4 or 10 Munro’s or more is a lasting experience. Getting your map out and planning your day was such a great way of getting to know the area and plan your hills.

I struggle to climb a few Munro’s now my body a bit battered but I still get the enjoyment of getting my high “high”. Often I meet folk on a mission and envy them.

Whatever you do enjoy these great days and remember “the hills are not a gymnasium for your ego” once Covid allows.

There are so many other days not mentioned as has little detail of the days. Get your books maps out and plan some days for the future. We need this on these days to be ready for when we are allowed out to range these hills. Happy planning. It’s worth adding in the Tops as well?

What’s your favourite big hill day ?

Comments as always welcome?

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer and loves the wild places.
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4 Responses to Best hill long days ? For your average hill Walker ?

  1. Ken Ross says:

    Seanna Bhreagh to Beinn Dearg from Inverlael with Alec and Lily McKenzie
    Lurg Mhòr and Meall an Coire Sheashcagh (sp) from the east end of Loch Monar with Alec and Lily

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ll like mine Heavy – I was on my way into Shenavall one February , a bit of snow, but good frozen ground. I got to the ‘ slabby rocks ‘ looked through and saw bad weather coming – I thought ” If I go down I might not get back up “. So I abandoned the bothy, and went on up Sail Liath, not as far as any tricky bit, but I knew I could easily retrace the right direction down again. I has a great day out, and went home thinking ” It has taken over 50 years to learn to do something sensible. And so it does, after decades, your brain is working it out all the time – ‘distance/time/terrain/routes/weather/fitness/plan B’
    It makes up for twice as a lad that I was in places I shouldn’t have been ( NOT that I needed rescuing from, I’m glad to say.


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