What’s going to be your first hill day after Lockdown. It still seems so long away off ? For me I would love to climb Morven Caithness and then Skye after that Ben Nevis and Glencoe .

Most of waited for any news yesterday about the changes in Covid Regulations it seems to be dragging on. How we miss our freedom and I will never take my freedom to roam for granted. Hopefully things are getting slowly better? Yesterday I had a walk along the beach the rain never came but I had some showers later on and wind. The beach was empty and I am so lucky it’s on my doorstep! I could see the stunning Ben Wyvis and Morven casting there snow in the distance . Morven especially is a stunning hill. I see it most days it clear I have climbed it several time’s but what a grand mountain. To me it is a classic mountain with its conical shape and covered in snow it’s a real mountain. The area has a sad history where many were cleared from the land and the Glen is full of empty Croft’s.

Morven – “the highest summit in Caithness – is a hill of great character, rising in isolation as a majestic conical peak. This route makes the ascent before continuing over the moors to reach Maiden Pap, which is something of a Morven in miniature, though even steeper. The whole round – which also passes the tors of Smean – makes for a classic though boggy outing” Walk Highlands

It’s a wonderful place I am sure the summit had been hit by lightening last time I was up. I cannot find any photos yet it’s a lonely Glen with lots of ruins of houses and sad tales.

Morven from my side of the Moray Firth .

As for Skye I love that place it will be just the odd climb if I can and a few hills a visit to the cave in the Coire and of course Sgur Na Stri among many others. Also a visit to Adrian and Bridgette in Glen Brittle to thank them for their kindness .

Adrian’s cracking guide

So many places so little time add in Glencoe, the Ben Torridon Assynt An Teallach who needs to go abroad . Wishful thinking to be out either alone or with good company? I also have to get down to Ayr to visit my family.

Many will not be so lucky and have lost loved ones. Many will lose their jobs, income and others will have health and mental issues. When you think about that the mountains are not important yet they hold a huge part of my life and well being as do my daily walks.

I have had so many kind thoughts and comments and even a wonderful picture from Skye. So many have been so kind and thoughtful. I have tried to write openly about my feelings it’s never easy to do. Folk ask about the book but it’s a hard write there is much sadness this effects me but also joy. Maybe I have to get a ghost writer but that will not be my book then ?

I got a call out of the blue yesterday from Brian who I knew nearly 55 years ago. His Dad trained us for a local race walk he had heard my brother had passed away and sent his condolences. It was great to speak and maybe I will get some photos of these early days race walking over the local Carrick hills?

Take care of each other make that call and think of those who are less fortunate than many of us ! It’s only a hill!

About heavywhalley.MBE

Mountain Rescue Specialist. Environmentalist. Spent 37 years with RAF Mountain Rescue and 3 years with a civilian Team . Still an active Mountaineer when body slows, loves the wild places.
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  1. Peter Aikman says:

    Yes I recognise the harbour light – you’re looking NW


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